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Yesterday someone tweeted the message that Ron Paul had died and the tweet was soon launched into the stratosphere, rising to number one in the world. It was suspended in mid air, at the top of Twitterdom, for more than forty minutes until enough people Googled the truth and brought it back down to earth. […]

Last year, I filed Legislation that would apply Oklahoma’s open meetings and records laws to the Legislature. As you are probably aware, these are the important laws designed to ensure that transparency follows the taxpayer dollar. Whenever the governm…

Imagine. A president-elect puts his hand on the Bible and swears to uphold the constitution of the United States and really means it. No games. No grabs for more power. No circumventing the congress by executive orders. No personal corruption, such as the traditional deals of ambassadorships in return for donations to a presidential library […]

Ron Paul’s foreign policy is frequently characterized as “isolationism” by both the media and those who disagree with him. But the talking heads know they are purposefully obfuscating the heart of Ron Paul’s foreign policymessage when they use that term. Paul prefers “non-interventionism” to describe his beliefs. Or “mutually assured respect,” which was deliberately chosen to contrast with the foreign policy of mutually assured destruction the world has known for most of the last century. Mutually assured respect is the “Golden Rule” applied to foreign policy. It means friendship and trade with other nations with no threats, bribes, or occupation. It also means ending taxpayer-funded foreign aid to rich dictators.
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Oklahoma Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney:

Former Governor Frank Keating
State Treasurer Ken Miller
State Auditor Gary Jones
State Senator Brian Crain
State Representative Paul Wesselhoft
State Representative Guy Liebmann
State Representative Lee Denney
State Representative Dan Sullivan
Francis Rooney, Former Ambassador
Jim Dunlap, Former Senate Floor Leader
Thad Balkman, Former State Representative
Lynn Windel, Former RNC National Committeeman
Ryan Leonard, Former Republican Candidate for Attorney General
Dan Keating