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Jamison Faught:  My Picks for the 2016 General Election

With the election literally around the corner, here is how I plan to vote. I’ve focused on what will be on the ballot in Muskogee County, but also included some of the important, competitive legislative races throughout the state.President: Anybody but…

Integrity Beyond Question

Attorney General Loretta Lynch was caught red handed discussing grandkids with Bill Clinton. Bill’s wife, Hillary, was under investigation at the time for her secret email server. So the AG turned over her decision making authority in the caper to FBI Director James Comey. When Comey decided not to prosecute, a Greek Chorus of Democrats sang his praises. But when he reopened the case, due

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Oklahoma delegation, top Republicans on state questions

With the election days away, some of Oklahoma’s congressional delegation and top Republicans have weighed in on the various state questions on the ballot. Here’s the list I’ve been able to find or obtain. If you are aware of a position that I have missed, let me know.

I reached out to the following officials (and others who did not respond) and specifically requested comments on SQ777 and SQ779, and received some additional input on SQ790. No one took a public position on the other state questions.

Because You Asked…a voting guide for 2016

Many have asked me how I will be voting and if I have recommendations, so I’m sharing with you the organizations and people I value for their research and explanation of state questions as well as how I plan to vote November 8th. Let me preface this by saying, we need to think long and…

Liberal Legislators Gagged By OK Democrat Leadership

​  There appears to be a possible civil war brewing within the Oklahoma Democrat party over an email sent to legislative leaders last winter, ordering them into silence on many unpopular liberal issues.  The Gayly (an advocacy journal of the homosexual cause) published a story which complained about the email from the Oklahoma Democrat Party Chairman. In the email, he lists several hot-button liberal issues which he ordered Democrat leaders to keep their mouths shut about.  Here […]