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The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the individual mandate called for in the controversial Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka “Obama Care”, passed in March 2010.  (Read full opinion here.) OK Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s reaction to this decision is noted below the AP announcement. From the Associated Press,  8/12/11: “Appeals […]

  Certainly many Nebraskans have heard about the $130,000 in Federal “Stimulus” dollars which were used to purchase “diversity manuals” by Omaha Public Schools for all 8,000 of its employees (including the custodians). For those who didn’t catch the story in local media, ample opportunities abounded via many media outlets nationally, both online and off. […]

Considering that most of the wheeling and dealing involved in government goes on behind closed doors, more likely than not most of what we Americans hear and see playing out in the media is maneuvering. These P.R. battles seem to provide politicians the ability to “throw some red meat” to their respective bases of support. […]

Editor’s Note: This article is particularly timely considering statements by President Obama at a news conference yesterday (Thursday, June 29, 2011). For a transcript click here, for video, click here. This post is a conglomeration of thoughts around a common theme:  Current Congressional talks re raising the debt ceiling.  The title includes a quote attributed […]

OK-SAFE, Inc. was created in late 2006 by 13 concerned Oklahomans with the express purpose of stopping the Trans-Texas Corridor coming into the state of Oklahoma.  Since then, we’ve both expanded our efforts and fine-tuned them to address specific issues such as objecting to the collection of personal biometric information, the growing surveillance society, and […]