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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma taxpayers may soon have the right to file open records requests online, gain the ability to track the status of requests for vital records, have better purview of legislative meetings, and realize hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings through state government reorganization and consolidation.

SB 1629 – Exchange “Marketplace” Bill Models ObamaCare

OK-SAFE, Inc. – Things are “getting curiouser and curiouser” in the Oklahoma legislature.  According to some Senate Republicans, if you’re against “ObamaCare,” you would be for a bill implementing “ObamaCare.” Alice in Wonderland  pretty well sums up what it felt like when SB 1629 was being presented by Tulsa Senator Gary Stanislawski.   To read a […]

Preliminary Returns Indicate that Fiscal Sanity has Reigned In Bartlesville BISD Spending — For Now!

Fiscal sanity reigns in Bartlesville — both bonds failed to achieve 60% margin to ‘pass’; there is still much work to be done to get our house in order so that all levels of government learn to live within their means. The school board needs to make some operational changes and listen to the people or they will need to be replaced in the days ahead.

The following 12 bills have been introduced for the 2012 OK Session by House Speaker Kris Steele.  Typically, those bills authored by the speaker are agenda driven – usually reflective of the governor’s agenda. Of particular note is HB 3053, which sounds like a bill right out of the reinvention of government agenda. (Where government […]

OKGrassroots Sample Resolutions for Precinct Meetings -- Debate and Educate!

Oklahoma Grassroots will have an opportunity to impact the precinct meetings occurring all over the state in late early February with the stated Republican party date being February 6th. Many have complained about parties, but the only way to impact them is by participating. Can it truly be said that large numbers of people of principle have participated over a sustained period, starting at the precinct level? You have to attend to participate, or at least that is the best way to do so!