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Oklahoma taxpayers received some great news as part of a recently released report from Oklahoma State Chief Information Officer Alex Pettit. During the last legislative interim, the Government Modernization Committee was told the state’s information technology consolidation plan allowed taxpayer to realize 30 million dollars of savings each year. CIO Pettit’s latest report has upgraded that…

OK-SAFE, Inc. – Recent Republican primary elections in Tulsa and Oklahoma counties have led to several runoff elections, a few of which will decide the race. RUNOFF PRIMARY ELECTION — August 28 Last day to register to vote ………………. Friday, August 3 Last time to request absentee ballot ……Wednesday, August 22, 5 PM Early voting: […]

Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution 2012 On Thursday, August 9, 2012 Tulsa County Commissioners were given details on a proposed “Vision 2” tax package.  This $748.8 million dollar tax package would not start until 2017 and would extend the Vision 2025 t…

Comanche County and The Sons Of Liberty

Some of the more noteworthy figures in the original Sons of Liberty are: John Adams – lawyer, Massachusetts Samuel Adams – political writer, tax collector/fire warden, Boston Benedict Arnold – businessman, Norwich Benjamin Edes – journalist/publisher Boston Gazette, Boston John …

More Bonds and Debt for Bartlesville Property Owners?  Up to you!  Vote August 28th

Did you know that you will have yet another chance to say NO to more bonds and debt if you live in many precincts in Washington County? ‘Special election’ information and actual ballot wording is provided here for the vote upcoming on August 28th. Do you think we will ever learn to live within our means if you keep telling them it is ok to ask for more? I am angry this is even on the ballot; much less that it is at a time when many are on vacation and will not be paying attention. But then that makes it easier to defeat if people will learn to say NO! It is not just Washington DC that cannot learn to live within the budget. Apparently the disease is spreading to our little town as well. Making this a matter of prayer for sure.

Bipartisan Agreement — How is that working for you?

Let’s Stop the War on Drugs, Bailouts, SOPA, NAFTA, UN, Bailouts, Foreign Wars, the FDA, Corporate subsidies, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Government run schools, Income taxes, Capital Gains taxes, etc. Let’s protect one another’s individual God-given, unalienable constitutional rights. No compromising my rights or yours. Especially not for a false promise of ‘security’ because it cannot and will not be guaranteed. Now get out there and watch each other’s back and protect each other’s rights!