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FIRE Coalition features OK Rep. Charles Key on June 4th

On Friday, June 4, 2010, the FIRE Coalition, working with our partners at the Patriot Coalition and November Patriots, will hold our first National Security Conference of 2010 in the old Kansas Supreme Court Chambers in the Kansas State Capitol Building, in Topeka, Kansas. Whether it is amnesty for illegal aliens, the nearly 10% unemployment rate, or the rising instances of drug cartel and gang crime along our southern border, our elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels need to work together for the American People. On Saturday, June 19th, we will hold our second national security conference of 2010 in Hamilton, Ohio.

OK-Safe Action Alert:  Override Vote Needed May 11th on HB 2569 RFID

The OK House has agreed to vote to override Governor Brad Henry’s veto of HB 2569, the bill prohibiting RFID tags in the OK DL/ID cards.

This vote was originally set for Wednesday, 5/5/10, but has now been moved to Tuesday, 5/11/10.

There is some evidence that the Governor is applying pressure to members of the Democrat caucus not to override his veto on this bill.

Oklahoma:  Stop SQ744 from bankrupting us all!

Factsheet Media Coverage Downloadable flyers on Scribd (special thanks to AxXiom and ROPE and OCPA) The measure could cost Oklahoma $850 Million per year if passed in a time where common sense would dictate reduced spending and belt tightening as prudent for all concerned citizens.  Let’s stop this bite out of the apple because we […]