ObamaCare Failure To Launch

Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein, a supporter of ObamaCare, called the launch a big failure. And Forbes says, “ObamaCare’s website is crashing because it doesn’t want you to know how costly its plans are.” ObamaCare Failure to Launch According to the WSJ, “The failures that have all but disabled ObamaCare are the result of deliberate political choices, which HHS

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Eviscerating ObamaCare

When President Obama met with party leaders in 2009 Eric Cantor pitched some ideas for the stimulus bill.  The president responded, “Elections have consequences and, at the end of the day, I won.” The 800 billion dollar stimulus went on to pass with three Republican votes. And ObamaCare rammed its way through Congress without any Republican

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Trump’s Peaceful Transition

President Obama promised Donald Trump a peaceful transition to the White House. He said so the day after Trump’s victory. Since then he’s issued 145 “midnight regulations.” Peaceful Transition The transition hasn’t been all that peaceful according to  Piers Morgan. Instead Obama pitched a presidential “temper tantrum”. Morgan says, Barack “hates Donald and everything he stands for.”: Since the election,

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Best of Bok 2016

Best of Bok Here’s some of the Best of Bok. At least these are some of the cartoons I liked best from 2016. Hope you like ’em too – or at least get a rise out of them. Please click an image for a link to see what it’s all about. Then hit the back button to return to

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Facebook Fact Checks Santa Clause

The world’s most famous newspaper editorial, published in the New York Sun Sept. 21, 1887, could get busted by Facebook. In an effort to stamp out the scourge of fake news, Facebook is outsourcing fact checking to PolitiFact and others . Facebook Fact Checks Santa Clause The editorial in question (by me) was in response to a letter to the editor

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Democratic Party Meltdown

The Democratic Party meltdown continues. The party’s condition took a turn for the worse when Jill Stein’s election recount turned up more votes than voters in Detroit. The recount was ended. Then John Podesta demanded that the 538 members of the Electoral College be briefed by the CIA. The purpose being to inform the electors of Russian efforts to elect

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1980s Are Calling

In a 2012 presidential debate Romney said Russia was the biggest threat to the United States. Obama mocked him saying, “The 1980s are calling and they want their foreign policy back.

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Trump Tweets

Republicans in Congress were frustrating President Obama’s agenda . So, in 2014, he decided to go it alone. He said, “I have a phone and a pen.”  Outlining the strategy, Obama said he plans to use his pen to sign executive actions and his phone to convene outside groups in support of his agenda if Congress

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Trumped up One China Policy

Donald Trump’s phone conversation with the president of Taiwan was a diplomatic blunder. According to diplomats. They say it upsets the One China Policy. That’s the policy where everybody pretends Mainland China exits and Taiwan doesn’t. The U.S. sold the nonexistent regime $1.83 billion in weapons last year. And China is Taiwan’s biggest trading partner. One China Policy

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Flag Burning

Trump tweet of the week: “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag — if they do, there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail!” The Huffington Post reported that most people think President-elect The Donald goes too far. They think flag burners should keep their citizenship. However, they’re cool with

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