Castro’s Long Reign

Fidel Castro finally got term limited. He died at age 90. Not a bad run considering he took power in 1959. Castro’s long reign outlasted 10 U.S. presidents. He retired in 2008. Ben Domenech at The Federalist thinks Castro’s big mistake was joining the wrong team – the Soviet Union. Another mistake may have been stealing U.S. owned businesses in Cuba.  That led to the

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Court of Public Opinion

FBI Director Comey recommended that Hillary not be prosecuted by the Justice Department. But he presented her case on national TV anyway. A verdict was rendered on election day. Hillary was convicted in the court of public opinion. Her sentence was loss of the White House. She’s Suffered Enough Already Now President-elect Trump has  issued a get out of

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Stand Up Guy

In 2009 President Obama tried a “reset” with Russia. During a 2012 campaign debate, Mitt Romney called Russia the “biggest threat” to The United States. To which Obama cracked wise, “the 1980s are calling, they want their foreign policy back“. He tutored Romney that the cold war was over. Stand Up Also in 2012, Obama whispered to Russian President Medvedev that he could

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Obama Turns Over National Security Apparatus Keys

The Daily Beast is alarmed by the massive national security apparatus The President is turning over to The Donald. It kills by drone and fights wars without congressional approval. Whenever George W. Bush started a war he made sure to to pack a Congressional resolution. President Obama, not so much. Obama ended “torture” of enemy combatants. Instead he blows them up by drone.  Even American

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Global Elite and USA Brexit

The year hasn’t been kind to the global elite. Curiously, that made many Americans ashamed of their country. They’re resorting to violence because they don’t accept Tuesday’s election results. The same election they feared Donald Trump wouldn’t honor if the results were reversed. To their credit, President Obama and Hillary Clinton gracefully accepted the voter mandate. Others, however, are embarrassed because people are

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MainStream Media Bias Goes Onion

Mark Halperin thinks The New York Times has turned into The Onion. To make his point he held up the front page from that morning’s edition. The headline read Democrats, Students, Foreign Allies Face Reality Of Trump Presidency: “Their headline is not ‘Disaffected Americans Have A Champion Going To The White House’ or ‘The Country Votes For Fundamental

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