OK State House Consider Procedural Reforms -- Let's Encourage Substantive Change!

House Republicans built on those reforms in 2010 by adding live-streaming of every legislative session, including bookmarking by bill number so the public can view the floor process right from their own computer anywhere in the world. Additionally, this past legislative session in-room video became available in some committee rooms, allowing visitors to better see the process and votes in committee.

Please let your representatives know some specifics of things that you would like to see — three day posting of bill before a vote, indexing online, archiving of sessions online . . .

OK-SAFE State Question Summary for Nov. 2, 2010 Ballot

There is tremendous interest about the upcoming November 2, 2010 election in Oklahoma.  In addition to all the state-wide races, there are 11 state questions to be decided.  Some of these questions, like SQ 744 on Education Funding, have gotten a lot of attention and have been discussed in depth by other groups.  (We like to […]