Benghazi Report

Trey Gowdy released the  800 page Benghazi Report on Tuesday. Hillary called it old news from the vast right wing conspiracy and said it’s time to move on. Here’s some of the “old news” from Politico. • The State Department Failed to protect diplomats • The CIA was confused about who our allies were. Americans were

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Sell Guns to ISIS

Last week Senate Republicans voted to deny the executive branch the power to revoke second amendment rights without due process.  Leading Democrats accused Republicans of wanting to sell guns to ISIS. Sell Guns to Mexican Drug Cartel Early in the Obama administration ATF actually did sell weapons to members of the Mexican Drug cartel. The program was

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British Independence Day

It’s to the the “back of the queue” for the U.K., if President Obama is to be believed. The Brits ignored him and other experts and decided they’d had enough of the bureaucrats in Brussels. EU commissions regulate everything from the bend of bananas to the curvature of cucumbers. British Independence Day Gerard Baker discussed Brexit in a WSJ front page analysis, Britain Fires a

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The Block

Before game three of the NBA final series against Golden State, Number 23 noticed old Number 32 in the stands. LeBron James trotted over and bowed to Jim Brown. Brown was pleased. He called the salute, “one of my greatest sports moments.” One of his other great moments was The NFL Championship in 1964. It was Cleveland’s last major sports

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Trump to Media: You’re Fired

The Donald brags about not spending money to win the nomination thanks to free media coverage. But apparently he’s had enough. He revoked the Washington Post’s press credentials because he didn’t like a headline. “I am no fan of President Obama, but to show you how dishonest the phony Washington Post is, they wrote, ‘Donald Trump

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Muhammad Ali’s Best Years

Muhammad Ali gave up the best years of his boxing career for something he believed in. He refused induction into the army during the Vietnam war. By the early 70’s most of the country was on his side and he became the greatest ever. That made me think of Bob Feller and Ted Williams. They gave up the

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Hillary attacked The Donald in a major foreign policy speech. She said he’s temperamentally unfit to be president: “Donald Trump’s ideas aren’t just different, they’re dangerously incoherent. They’re not even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies,” she said. “He is not just unprepared. He is temperamentally unfit to hold

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