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The Mythology of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s recent decision on prayer at government meetings reminds me that Supreme Court “season” is upon us, and for the next two months or so, we can expect to see the court decide on a variety of cases that can have profound impacts on the lives of citizens and non-citizens alike. The court’s decision in Town of Greece vs. Galloway has produced a lot of commentary on both sides, with much discussion about the dynamics between justices, and how Justice Kennedy must have been in a pro-prayer mood that day, since his decisions appear to be made on a variety of unknowable whims.

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Background:  I believe in Jesus AND I think the Old Testament is as valid as the New Testament.   All of the Word was given to guide us to our Heavenly Home through the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross.  I believe that Jesus is coming back and there are signs in the heavens and on the planet about the timing of his return.  The good news is He is coming back.  The bad news is it could get very rough here before His return.  So be ready and seek Him while He may be found.  This post will update you on Signs in the Heavenlies, Tremors on the Earth, and Israel and the Restoration of the Temple, and the Blood of Jesus on the Mercy Seat.

Current Status Of Common Core Legislation (3/7/2014)

We started the legislative session in Oklahoma with 7 bills relating to Common Core.  I documented all the bills and gave a brief synopsis prior to the legislative session, however, now here we are – not even half way through the legislative session and we’re already down to ONLY three survivors:

  1. HB3399 by Speaker of the House Jeff Hickman (formerly Jason Nelson)
  2. HB3167 by Gus Blackwell and
  3. SB1310 by Eddie Fields

For years, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has placed themselves as the ultimate source for coordination between parents and teachers, ostensibly providing numerous ways in which to help engage parents in their child’s education.  Most parents don’t think twice about joining the PTA – after all, it’s all about the kids.  Or is it?

Liberty: A Muslim-American Perspective

By Priscilla Galstaun-Khader  Liberty On Tap’s guest speaker for February was Priscilla Galstaun-Khader. There have been several requests for us to share her presentation.  Priscilla has graciously submitted her written speech for us to share. *** You could have been anywhere tonight but you chose to be here and I am very thankful to you […]