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Considering the events of the past week, there don’t seem to be many reasons to be positive right now… A majority of our representatives in federal government just spent the last several weeks engaging in a three-ring circus of what turned out to be nothing but a diversion. Ultimately, they produced historically bad results. Considering […]

For several years OK-SAFE, along with most Oklahomans and the rest of the United States, has objected to the REAL ID national/international ID card and the continued expansion of the collection of personally-identifiable biometric information from the everyday citizens by the government. We’ve issued position papers/fact sheets on the REAL ID, (REAL ID, A Global […]

Kaye Beach March 24, 2011 The US PATRIOT ACT, first passed in Oct. 2001, ushered in an era of all-out assault on our constitutional freedoms.  Yet Oklahoma’s newly elected Republican Congressman, James Lankford recently voted to renew three of the &…

Ringing in the New Year A bit of entertainment for your New Year’s Eve…we thought folks might enjoy a montage of some classic movie scenes ringing in the New Year, and we thought we’d highlight one of our favorites. Because we love It’s a Wonderful Life, we thought we’d highlight its ending scene… Best wishes […]