R3publicans:  Is Donald Trump undermining America’s global clout? Let’s hope so.

However much Donald Trump’s loyal base in the United States continues to love him (while the other half of the American population loathes him), it’s safe to say that the overwhelming consensus among foreign leaders is one of contempt mixed with fear.

by Jim Jatras

May 18, 2018

While not identifying Trump by name, European Union (EU) foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini left no doubt about what she thinks of the current hand on the tiller of the American ship of state in the aftermath of US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal:

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Can We Call It a Coup Now? Mike Whitney • After 18 months of withering attacks and accusations, Donald Trump has decided to get up off the canvas and fight back. In a series of tweets stretching from Sunday night to early Monday morning, Trump announced that he would launch his own investigation to see […]

R3publicans:  Does Mark Warner See the ‘Deep State’ As His Ticket Out of the Senate?

The ambitious Virginian’s vote for Haspel and his unflinching support of the intelligence community is no accident.

By Curt MillsMay 21, 2018

In the fall of 2008, Mark Warner dined with a group of businessmen, lawyers and organizers in Washington. Warner, the former of governor of Virginia then running for U.S. Senate, was asked what he thought of Barack Obama, his party’s presidential nominee and strong favorite to take the White House. In not so many words, Warner told those gathered that he loathed Obama, at least competitively: “He’s younger than me.” And he would be president before him.

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R3publicans:  Baby Bust -- Fertility is Declining the Most Among Minority Women

The United States just hit a 40-year low in its fertility rate, according to numbers just releasedby the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The 2017 provisional estimate of fertility for the entire U.S. indicates about 3.85 million births in 2017 and a total fertility rate of about 1.76 births per women. These are low numbers: births were as high as 4.31 million in 2007, and the total fertility rate was 2.08 kids back then. The United States has experienced a remarkable slump in fertility over the last several years, as I’ve explained elsewhere.

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R3publicans:  Haspel Confirmed CIA Director in spite of  “The Conservative Case Against Gina Haspel”

The man who did 30 months in prison for exposing waterboarding program speaks out on Trump’s CIA pick.

By John KiriakouMay 8, 2018

Editor’s note: The author is a former CIA agent who was the first to confirm the agency’s secret waterboarding program and publicly describe it as “torture.” The government responded by charging him with leaking classified information to a reporter after which he was convicted and spent 30 months in a high-security federal prison from 2013 to 2015.

The White House is insisting that Gina Haspel move forward in nomination as director of the Central Intelligence Agency, despite her own concerns that the Senate hearings—expected to begin Wednesday—could turn brutal over her history in the CIA’s torture program. The Trump administration would be smart to heed her concerns.

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confirmed as CIA Director

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R3publicans:  GOP Hostility Toward Iran Secured After Adelson Gives $30 Million To Top Super PAC

Adelson’s perspectives on U.S. foreign policy, particularly towards Iran, are alarming, given that his influence on U.S. politics is set to grow in the wake of his latest mega-donation to the Republican party.

by Whitney Webb

WASHINGTON – With the 2018 Congressional midterm elections approaching, Republicans – eager to keep their control of both houses of Congress – have been seeking lucrative donations that would give Republican candidates an advantage in the lead-up to November.

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Congressman Thomas Massie Endorses Nathan Dahm in Oklahoma’s 1st District Congressional Race

Broken Arrow, OK — Today, Nathan Dahm, Conservative Republican candidate for Congress in Oklahoma’s 1st District, announced the endorsement of Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky. A staunch taxpayer watchdog, Congressman Massie says Nathan Dahm has a proven record the voters of Oklahoma can trust. 

“I hope the voters of Oklahoma will send Nathan Dahm to help me drain the swamp. Nathan’s track record proves he is the conservative voice the voters of Oklahoma can trust,” said Congressman Thomas Massie, R-KY. “When budgets tightened, Nathan Dahm kept his promises by holding the line against new tax increases and government expansion. Like me, he has consistently stood for limited government, individual rights, and the Constitution even when those around him have not.”

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Washington may be more secretive nowadays than at any time in recent decades. Federal policymakers have become accustomed to rationing what they release while citizens are assured that official secrecy makes them more secure. But American democracy cannot survive perpetual bipartisan coverups from the political ruling class.

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