R3publicans:  Keeping Cops’ Hands Out of Your Pockets

Finally, a case that might put a real crimp into civil asset forfeiture abuse.

By BRIAN SAADYJuly 16, 2018

The U.S. Supreme Court recently agreed to rule on a case that have a major impact on civil liberties and whether civil asset forfeiture can continue to serve as low hanging fruit for bureaucratic interests run amok.

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R3publicans:  Signature in the Cell and Intelligent Design

Signature in the Cell and Intelligent Design
An Introduction to Protracted Desperation
FRED REED • JULY 15, 2018

A question that never ceases to fascinate is that of how life originated, and how and why it has progressed as it seems to have. The official story and de rigueur explanation is that that life came about through spontaneous generation from seawater. Believing this is the mark of an Advanced Person, whether one has the slightest knowledge of the matter. In academia researchers have been fired and careers ruined for questioning it. If you doubt that scientists can be ideological herd animals, as petty, intolerant, vindictive, and backstabbing as professors, read Heretic, by the PhD biotechnologist and biochemist Matti Leisola, who fell on the wrong side of the herd. Ths establishment’s continuing effort to stamp out heresy looks increasingly like a protracted desperatoon.

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R3publicans:  Down With False Democracy, Up With True Self-Government

The Right and Left claim to be “democratic” while forgetting the liberal and republican principles that have made America great.

By Alexander William SalterJune 26, 2018

It’s become commonplace to bemoan the lack of civility in American public discourse. Whether or not political coarseness is at an all-time high is debatable—much of the campaign material from, say, the Election of 1800 is certainly no-holds-barred—but the perception matters more than the substance. Certainly, for those in the political fray, compromise is far less feasible than it used to be.

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R3publicans/WSJ:  Deficit Projected to Top $1 Trillion Starting Next Year

The Trump administration expects the annual budget deficits to rise nearly $100 billion more than previously forecast in each of the next three years, pushing the federal deficit above $1 trillion starting next year.

Source: Deficit Projected to Top $1 Trillion Starting Next Year – WSJ

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[Editor’s note:  And I thought it was more like $19-21 Trillion…  Just one more reason to Audit/End the Fed/sc]

R3publicans:  Atrocity Porn and Hitler Memes Target Trump for Regime Change

American and global audiences have been bombarded with media images of wailing children in holding facilities, having been separated from adults (maybe their parents, maybe not) detained for illegal entry into the United States. The images have been accompanied by “gut-wrenching” audio of distraught toddlers screaming the Spanish equivalents of “Mommy!” and “Daddy!” – since, as any parent knows, small children never cry or call for their parents except in the most horrifying, life-threatening circumstances.

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R3publicans:  Trump Should Fire Rosenstein Immediately

EDITOR’S CHOICE | 17.07.2018
Paul Craig Roberts

Does Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers for allegedly hacking Hillary’s emails and interfering in the US election have any purpose other than to throw a monkey wrench in President Trump’s upcoming summit with Putin?

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R3publicans/American Pravda: Post-War France and Post-War Germany

Ron Unz

Back in Junior High School I became an avid war-gamer, and was fascinated by the military history of the past, especially World War II, the most titanic conflict ever recorded. However, although I much enjoyed reading the detailed accounts of the battles of that war, especially on the Eastern Front that largely determined its outcome, I had much less interest in the accompanying political history, and simply relied upon the accounts in my standard textbooks, which I considered quite reliable.

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R3publicans:  American History for Truthdiggers -- The Forgotten and Peculiar War of 1812

Editor’s note: The past is prologue. The stories we tell about ourselves and our forebears inform the sort of country we think we are and help determine public policy. As our current president promises to “Make America great again,” this moment is an appropriate time to reconsider our past, look back at various eras of United States history and re-evaluate America’s origins. When, exactly, were we “great”?

read more at https://www.truthdig.com/articles/american-history-for-truthdiggers-the-forgotten-and-peculiar-war-of-1812/

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R3publicans:  Mideast Christians See Russia – Not the US – as Defender of Their Faith

If anything the US has been the cause of their tragedies and the destruction of their communities

Jayson Casper

War was swirling in Syria. Rebels were pressing. And Maan Bitar was the only hope for American help.

“Because I am evangelical, everyone thinks I have channels of communication,” said the pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Mhardeh. “Syrians believe the United States has the power to stop the conflict—if it wants to.”

read more at https://russia-insider.com/en/politics/mideast-christians-see-russia-not-us-defender-their-faith/ri24077

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R3publicans:  Trump and Putin to Meet in Helsinki — Media Predictions Vary on Topic

C.J. Hopkins

Here it comes, the moment we’ve been waiting for, when Trump and Putin meet in Helsinki to officially launch the Destruction of Democracy, and very possibly the Apocalypse itself. That’s right, folks, once again, it appears we’re looking at the end of everything, because according to the corporate media, on July 16, 2018, Trump is probably going to disband NATO so that Putin can invade the Baltic states, then Germany, then the rest of Europe, and then presumably order an all-out thermonuclear strike on the United States, which will pretty much end civilization as we know it. Or perhaps the plan is to do away with NATO, withdraw all American troops from Poland, let Putin rape and pillage Western Europe, and then have North Korea nuke both coasts of the US mainland (and Canada, of course) so that a Putin-Nazified Middle Amerika will have carte blanche to exterminate the Mexicans and make women wear those “Handmaid” costumes, or some other ridiculously paranoid scenario, possibly involving Susan Sarandon as some kind of Putin-Nazi triple agent.

read more at http://www.unz.com/article/hardcore-hitler-on-hitler-in-helsinki/

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