R3publicans:  US Debt Clock and What It Tells Us

The US Debt Clock is a “real time” dynamic website that shows the state of the US debt and with a little logic some of what that means to the citizens of this country. What I am displaying is a snapshot of the clock at approximately 9:30 AM Central time on Friday the 18th of January. Unless you are reading this months from now most of the information will probably still be valid. However you can go directly to the Debt Clock and see it “run” for yourself at http://www.usdebtclock.org/.

Let’s look at a few of the numbers and see what it is telling us.

First in the upper left is the “National US Debt”. According to the “Clock” the United States is almost 22 Trillion dollars in debt.

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R3publicans – US Debt Clock and What It Tells Us

R3publicans:  Tucker Carlson Routs Conservatism Inc. On Unrestrained Capitalism—and Immigration

Washington Watcher

Tucker Carlson’s critique of unrestrained capitalism last week sent the Respectable Right into apoplectic fury. That’s why it’s irrelevant—and why Carlson is increasingly emerging as a name to conjure with.

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R3publicans:  French Democracy Dead or Alive?

The Gilets Jaunes in 2019
Diana Johnstone • January 11, 2019

Gilets Jaunes song performed at French traffic circle: Les Gentils et les Méchants

Paris, France, 9 January 2019

French Democracy Dead or Alive? Or perhaps one should say, buried or revived? Because for the mass of ordinary people, far from the political, financial, media centers of power in Paris, democracy is already moribund, and their movement is an effort to save it. Ever since Margaret Thatcher decreed that “there is no alternative”, Western economic policy is made by technocrats for the benefit of financial markets, claiming that such benefits will trickle down to the populace. The trickle has largely dried up, and people are tired of having their needs and wishes totally ignored by an elite who “know best”.

read more at http://www.unz.com/article/french-democracy-dead-or-alive/

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R3publicans:  China on Course to become ‘World’s most Christian Nation’

19 Apr 2014

It is said to be China’s biggest church and on Easter Sunday thousands of worshippers will flock to this Asian mega-temple to pledge their allegiance – not to the Communist Party, but to the Cross.

The 5,000-capacity Liushi church, which boasts more than twice as many seats as Westminster Abbey and a 206ft crucifix that can be seen for miles around, opened last year with one theologian declaring it a “miracle that such a small town was able to build such a grand church”.

read more at https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/10776023/China-on-course-to-become-worlds-most-Christian-nation-within-15-years.html

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