Jenni White

ROPE2:  Information on Opting Out Of Standardized Testing in Oklahoma

With many Oklahoma teachers out of their classrooms during the testing window for administration of Oklahoma standardized tests, there have been questions from parents who now wish to simply opt their child out of testing 24Th…

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ROPE2:  IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED - Help Stop Wind Tax Credits And Put That Money Back Into The Budget For Education And Other Needs

While some are asking where money can be found to fund core government needs in Oklahoma, one simple answer is ending corporate welfare to the Corporate Wind Industry! If we don’t do something truly meaningful this session, another $70 million dollars is going to LITERALLY be “Gone with the Wind” when it could have, instead, gone to meet other state needs.

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ROPE2:  The Public Education Funding Mess Is The Fault Of EVERY Citizen - So How Do We Fix It?

Since the beginning of this legislative session here in Oklahoma, teachers have been demanding raises. In March, the Oklahoma legislature passed an unprecedented tax to fund teacher raises and other educational needs, raising oil and gas production taxes to 5%, adding a $1 increase per pack on cigarettes, 6 cents on diesel/3 cents gas increases and a $5 tax on hotel motel tax (later repealed). While public education advocates celebrated, taxpayers fretted – and they have good reason to do so.
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ROPE:  Money VS Results and The Socialist Nature of Public Schools

Recently, I posted a comment on our ROPE Facebook page about the socialist nature of public school. It was in response to another comment made by someone who disagreed with an earlier post (incidentally, I wish ALL dissenters could be as polite as this commenter – we’ve had a great time talking back and forth and even found things to agree on over the course of numerous exchanges).
As we were talking about the district of Glenpool – whose superintendent was able to save money to give all teachers a $1,000 bonus by cutting some services such as cleaning services – we had a lively discussion about teachers being asked to help clean their school.
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