What is the REAL ID Act of 2005?

Kaye Beach Nov. 3, 2015 In recent posts I have covered related topics including: Is my Oklahoma Driver’s License a Biometric ID? REAL ID IS BIOMETRIC ID I thought it was time to do a short explainer of what exactly the REAL … Continue reading


Oct. 26, 2015 Kaye Beach The conversation surrounding the supposed impending enforcement of the federal REAL ID Act is so muddled that it is virtually impossible for anyone to develop an informed opinion on the matter. I am trying to … Continue reading

REAL ID Fright Fest 2015, Oklahoma Edition

Kaye Beach | Oct. 6, 2015 The headlines are scary.

Vaguely worded policies issued by the federal Department of Homeland Security and sensational headlines have allowed misconceptions about the actual consequences of not having a REAL ID to grow.

The very worst possible consequences of not having not having a REAL ID card are actually quite minimal. …Continue reading

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