Randy Brogdon

Supreme Court limits greenhouse gas regulations

As the old saying goes, even a broken clock gets it right twice a day!  In this case, the broken clock is the Supreme Court and they actually got it right on this very important energy issue.  

From the article: “A divided Supreme Court blocked the Obama administration Monday from requiring permits for greenhouse gas emissions from new or modified industrial facilities, but the ruling won’t prohibit other means of regulating the pollutant that causes global warming.”  Read entire article HERE.

The Justice Department to count feds' guns

The Justice Department is updating a report on how many guns the federal government has.

It will be the first time Justice has addressed the topic in six years, and it comes as conservative and libertarian complaints about an excessively gun-happy government have intensified.

Not only is the FBI armed… 

U.S. Senate candidate Randy Brogdon says we need to stop unwarranted government intrusion into the lives of citizens now, not later. He said, “The longer we allow the seizure of computer information and unrestricted drone surveillance to continue, the harder it will be to stop.”

The Mythology of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s recent decision on prayer at government meetings reminds me that Supreme Court “season” is upon us, and for the next two months or so, we can expect to see the court decide on a variety of cases that can have profound impacts on the lives of citizens and non-citizens alike. The court’s decision in Town of Greece vs. Galloway has produced a lot of commentary on both sides, with much discussion about the dynamics between justices, and how Justice Kennedy must have been in a pro-prayer mood that day, since his decisions appear to be made on a variety of unknowable whims.

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