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GOA:  Gun Rights Advance This Week in the U.S. House

Suppressor Deregulation is on the Move in Congress

I’ve been on Capitol Hill this week, and I have some exciting news to bring you. 

First, the GOA-backed Hearing Protection Act, which has been added to the sportsmen’s bill (H.R. 3668), passed out of the Natural Resources committee and is headed to the House floor.  

GOA Releases New Podcast Episode

GOA Releases New Podcast Episode

Listen to GOA’s New Podcast Episode and Sign up to Win a New Gun!

It’s been busy summer at GOA, and one of the most exciting things we’ve done is launch a podcast, Firing Back.

And in the latest episode, hosts Erich Pratt and Remso W. Martinez dive into how everyday activists — like you — are making incredible changes in the fight for the right to bear arms.

Listen on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher or YouTube, as well as at

And while you’re listening, please leave a review and 5-star rating — reviews and ratings goes a long way in helping other discover the podcast.

Week Recap from Gun Owners of America

Here’s what you might’ve missed from GOA this week…

Dear friend,

Even though Congress is out of session, GOA is still busy working to empower you with the tools your need to protect the Second Amendment. 

Here’s three things you might’ve missed from GOA this week:

1. Episode Two of “Firing Back” is now live. The premiere episode of “Firing Back” soared to #55 on iTunes News & Politics, and we know the follow-up episode won’t disappoint. In the new episode, “The Root of It All,” GOA’s Erich Pratt and Remso W. Martinez delve into where the right to self-defense comes from and the consequences for ignoring those foundations.

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