Steve Dickson

Capitalist Sooner: How I am voting - Oklahoma 2014 GOP Primary

There will be many people who disagree with my selections, for one reason or another. I have successfully angered many in the Liberty Movement, as well as in the Conservative Movement. I hope those in the Establishment are continuously irritated with me, or I am failing.

Some things to note:

These are the people I will actually vote for.


Proposed legislation should be debated and voted upon by our
elected officials. All of it – the good
and bad – should get a hearing in committee. If it passes muster, it should go
to the full legislative body for additional debate, potential amendment, and a
vote. This is our system. It is designed to respect the wishes of the majority
while protecting the rights of the minority – and the

Webster’s Dictionary describes Bondage as “the state of being a slave”. A bond
is described as “a binding agreement” and “something that binds or restrains”
and “an official document in which a
government or company promises to pay back an amount of money that I has
borrowed and to pay interest for the borrowed money”. One could safely say
that if the legislature passes a “bond issue”, it makes

Medical Marijuana, Industrial Hemp, and Oklahoma

There are numerous positions on the policy spectrum when it
comes to marijuana in Oklahoma. In between an outright ban (which we have now)
and full decriminalization (full use at any time, for any reason, anywhere)
sits a potential and much needed mid…

The 2014 election season has arrived in Oklahoma. In late
2013 it appeared the controversy over both Common Core and the A-F grading
system would make the State Superintendent of Public Instruction race the hottest
fire burning. With the resignation o…

Press Release from OKC Term Limits Now!:



legislators whose districts include the City of Oklahoma City have endorsed a
citizen initiative to limit the terms of municipal elected officials.

City resident Bob Dani chairs the group supporting the initiative, OKC Term
Limits Now!  Dani