Presidential Primary 2016

A Message from Rand Paul on Iowa -- on to New Hampshire!

Rand Paul on Campaign - On to NH“Every election we are told by the party establishment that the times are too dire or risky to try freedom as a solution.  They say that the message of liberty and personal responsibility must wait until next election.  But tonight, the people of Iowa proved that the time is now.  We have never been more hungry for personal freedom and a restrained government.  I’m grateful to my supporters here in the Hawkeye state, and I look forward to continuing the fight for liberty in New Hampshire.”

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Iowa Speaks; Will the Rest of the Nation Listen?

Tonight in Iowa, people with political courage attended their caucus meetings and voted for their favorite presidential candidate in Republican and Democratic parties.  Here are detail results for the Republican Party from the GOP Iowa Caucus website:

Republican Iowa Caucus 2016 Results

And here is the similar data from Politico which shows the delegate allocations applied to these results.  The 3 remaining are most likely certain party officials who automatically are granted delegate slots by virtue of office, often referred to as ‘super delegates’.

Politico Iowa Caucus Results 2016

Trump Sends Iowans With Contagious Diseases to the Caucus Meetings

Trump mulls launching contagions, as a campaign tactic.Today, Billionaire, Donald Trump; told Iowans;

“You’ve got to go out and caucus,” 

Trump told them. “You’ve got to get out there. I don’t care what happens. If your wife leaves you for another man, if you leave your wife because you don’t like her, I don’t care what it is. If you’re sick, you’ve got to get out.  If you’re sick… If you have a 104 degree temperature, Get to the caucus!”

“I don’t care what it is. If you’re sick, you’ve got to get out.  If you’re sick… If you have a 104 degree temperature, Get to the caucus!”

  Iowa Public Health officials condemn this dangerous threat to public health. Will Donald Trump apologize for advocating socially reckless behavior?

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Trump Defames A Respected Iowa Minister, Get's Busted For It

Rev. Bob Vander Plaats is a very well known and respected Christian leader in Iowa. His ministry, “The Family Leader” has brought together masses of Christians from several denominations, for the furtherance of family values and other public policy directives.

Via the New York Times:
  In an interview, Mr. Vander Plaats said he thought the tweets showed “who Donald Trump really is.” Mr. Vander Plaats added that Mr. Trump had offered his family a free stay at a hotel in New York City on a rare visit.


Key Endorsement for Rand Paul Speaks Volumes to Many in Oklahoma

Former State Representative Charles Key today issued an official endorsement for Senator Rand Paul for President 2016 saying,

Our political system is broken and can only be fixed by someone who understands our political system. I am voting for Rand Paul for President because he is the only candidate who understands and is committed to our Constitutional Republican form of government. He has refused to compromise or pander to special interest groups or the media to get their support. Isn’t that what most Americans want? We don’t need someone who talks tough and pushes emotional hot buttons. We need someone who has proven he is tough by staying consistent and fighting for our God given rights. Rand Paul is the one who has shown he has the commitment and integrity to correct the problems we face. Please join me in making Rand Oklahoma’s choice for President.


J C Watts Named President and CEO of Feed the Children

J. C. Watts named president, CEO of Feed the Children

Oklahoma City based Feed the Children has named J. C. Watts their president and CEO effective February 1st.

Watts was n Oklahoma congressman from 1995 to 2003. Prior to that Watts was a youth minister in Del City and had been elected to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for a six year term in 1990.

Watts graduated from the University of Oklahoma where he was quarterback to the football team.
Watts is chairman of Watts Partners and is expected to continue in that role as well as maintain his other business interests.

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Notably JC Watts has endorsed Rand Paul for President 2016