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GOA: Could a Rabid Anti-Gunner be Given a Top Post to Advise Trump?

Disgraced Anti-Gun Criminal Being Considered for a Top Post … Again

Urge the Administration to Nix the Petraeus Pick … Again

Dear Friend:

They say that bad ideas never die.

Such is the case with David Petraeus, who is now a candidate to replace National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Petraeus is one of four names that are currently being considered.

Anti-Gun Left Trying to Smear Jeff Sessions

The “Nut Left” Goes After Jeff Sessions for His Second Amendment Support

Their first target is Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, who was examined by the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.

As a U.S. Senator from Alabama, Sessions is “A” rated by GOA, given that he has voted pro-gun nearly 100% of the time.

Not surprisingly, roughly 1,300 “law” professors spewed out a muddled rant objecting to Sessions’ confirmation.

Well, Sessions, like GOA, opposes amnesty for millions of illegals, in a transparent effort to turn the whole country “blue” — just as California became “blue” following the 1986 amnesty bill.

And remember the anti-gun “sentencing reform” bill, which would have released drug traffickers onto the streets, while imposing a new five-year mandatory minimum for gunsmiths?  

Both GOA and Sessions opposed the anti-gun bill, and we worked to kill that legislation last year.  But, of course, that’s unacceptable to the “law” professors. 

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has come out in strong support of Sessions, showing how he would represent a tremendous break from the previous eight years:

Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination to be the 84th attorney general of the United States is fantastic news for those who revere the rule of law….

As Attorney General, Sessions could rein in the ATF by prohibiting them from copying 4473 forms, as they are currently doing.

He could put a permanent end to Fast and Furious and Operation Choke Point (which has shut down many lawful gun businesses).


P.S. For the first time in nearly a decade, we could have an Attorney General who respects the Second Amendment. The vote on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General will happen this month. So please urge your two Senators to support the nomination of Jeff Sessions.

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