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Last year, I filed Legislation that would apply Oklahoma’s open meetings and records laws to the Legislature. As you are probably aware, these are the important laws designed to ensure that transparency follows the taxpayer dollar. Whenever the governm…

  In what may be a truly groundbreaking new application of media resources, State lawmakers are finding new opportunities to communicate directly to concerned citizens about some of the most highly charged issues at the state capitol. A case in point is the Rules Committee’s work to investigate the Sexual Harassment charges of some of the current and past members.  This week, Rep David Perryman became the point person for the minority and he made a dramatic show of his choice to w […]

Inhofe & Lankford Vote Against Open Trade For Consumers

Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul were among 9 Republicans who sided with the amendment. But 13 Democrats crossed over to kill the consumer empowerment measure.  In the late night vote-a-rama of Wednesday, A Minnesota senator pressed an amendment to a healthcare bill which involves the ability of uninsured consumers to leverage their limited assets by purchasing maintenance medications from Winnipeg pharmacies and other sources.  This is one issue whic […]

After serving in both houses of congress, Dr. Coburn diagnoses
an institutional illness and prescribes an effective treatment.

  Former Senator Tom Coburn, understands the problems in Washington better than anyone, Here is a recent letter he wrote to the Oklahoma legislature.

 Dear Oklahoma Legislator,
I am proud to be an Oklahoman, and I was proud to represent our state during my time in the United States Senate. One of the biggest lessons I learned during that time was that our federal government is like a runaway freight train. It will continue to overstep its constitutional boundaries and usurp more and more of states’ rights and individual liberties until someone or something stops it.
  Under Article V of the Constitution, you are the ones empowered to stop it, through a state-led convention for proposing amendments. Only through formal amendments can the states put effective checks on judicial activism, reject the damage that has been done to the Constitution through creative “interpretations” of some of its provisions, and impose meaningful fiscal restraints on Washington.

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[Editor’s note: I have this mechanic who I’m really fed up with. Every time I take my car in there, they refuse to fix what they’re supposed to, and my car comes out running worse than when I took it in. They lie, they overcharge me, and they don’t do anything useful.
I have it figured out, though. I’m going to have them rebuild my engine so that they can’t mess it up again. That’ll show ’em.]

South Washington County Republican Information Center - Now Open Tuesdays & Thursdays

Grand Opening this Week on Thursday! Stop by to visit or drop off campaign signs and literature or pick up campaign signs and literature. Many of you know Mike and Margaret Snow active in Washington County politics for many years. Margaret has served as Republican party precinct chair for several years and has written on flood plan issues and other matters to keep us all informed. She and her husband grow things in growing season and you might even find some fresh produce there on occasion! So drop by and contribute to the dialogue and plug into a campaign or two or three. Here is a card to help you find the place. It is near Vera (actually in Ramona) about half way between Bartlesville and Tulsa.

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Jason Murphey: Opening the Door to the Golden Cage

By Rep. Jason Murphey

It’s a program so effective that other states are seeking to copy it. It was featured on the local news last week as News 9’s Alex Cameron took his cameras inside the headquarters of Oklahoma’s new, unified IT entity. Cameron’s story, entitled “Keeping the State of Oklahoma Secure Against a Cyber Attack,” captured footage from the state data center and one of its situational awareness centers.

The story features footage from the center’s real-time network monitor, a big board straight out of the movie War Games, which tracks potentially hostile incoming Internet traffic from sources around the world. Cameron’s footage showed the foreign probes, in real time, while they actually occurred.

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