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Sooner Politics: Bipartisan Group Defeats Largest Tax Increase In Century

  This afternoon, a group of Republicans and Democrats prevented the legislature from forcing a heavy new series of taxes on the people and businesses of Oklahoma. The measure will now have to be presented to the voters for their decision.  About 25 years ago, the people of Oklahoma made that requirement necessary after the legislature of 1991 pressed through a heavy tax increase package known as “House Bill 1017”. The taxpayers rights are secured because of the defense provided…

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MuskogeePolitico: State Senate passes $440M+ tax hike

The State Senate today voted 37-5 to increase taxes by over $440M annually. HB1035X, which was passed by the House on October 25th (by a vote of 55-44), was amended on the Senate floor and cleared the three-fourths hurdle for tax increases by one vote….

Sooner Politics: Breaking - Senate Passes Massive Taxes By 77% Margin

  Late this afternoon, the Oklahoma Senate met in session.Budget Committee Chair, Kim David; moved to amend HB1035x, by substituting an attached floor substitute for the title, enacting clause and entire body of the measure, which amendment was declared adopted.  Then the senate substitute of HB 1035x was read at length.On the question of passage of the bill, the vote resulted as follows:Aye:      AllenBassBergstromBiceBoggsBrooksBrownDavidDuggerFieldsFloy […]

Sooner Politics: Charter Schools File Suit For Property Tax

Online Charter Schools Could Get Windfall. Public School Districts Vow To Fight Back.   Among the largest school districts in the state, Epic One-On-One is an innovative institution designed to empower families by using online technology so students can learn at home.  By one classic definition, it’s homeschooling that the state pays for. If a current lawsuit goes their way, Epic and other ‘brick & mortar’ charter schools could get equal footing with t […]

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