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Sooner Politics:  Tax Hike Could Be Blocked - OTU Begins Gathering Signatures

  A little known and even less utilized constitutional right of Oklahomans is the ability to override a governor’s veto. Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite is now securing signatures of registered voters, so that the citizens can hold a vote on the recently-signed largest tax increase in the state’s history.  The State Treasurer’s economic forecast indicated that the budget anticipates a huge cash reserve of unspent currently collected tax revenue.  OTU will need about 41,000 valid…

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  Oklahoma’s Republican politicians have another indictment to face in the growing class warfare narrative.  The candidate filing fees were massively increased in recent years, effectively making citizen representation more favorable to the affluent. It’s a massive poll tax on a citizen who dares to take up the notion that we are a government of the people. Sure, the state will let you vote for free, but you cannot dare be a leader for free.  It now co […]

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ROPE2:  IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED - Help Stop Wind Tax Credits And Put That Money Back Into The Budget For Education And Other Needs

While some are asking where money can be found to fund core government needs in Oklahoma, one simple answer is ending corporate welfare to the Corporate Wind Industry! If we don’t do something truly meaningful this session, another $70 million dollars is going to LITERALLY be “Gone with the Wind” when it could have, instead, gone to meet other state needs.

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Senator Nathan Dahm speaks out on huge tax increase passed — 3/4 of a $$$Billion

Senate “Republicans” just passed the largest tax increase in state history…

That’s right. Three-quarters of a BILLION dollars in new taxes! To the sound of applause, my Senate colleagues raised your taxes.

I had to speak up. 

Click on headline link to watch video via OKGrassroots

In Oklahoma, I won’t be silent while establishment Republicans and liberal Democrats take money out of your pocket. And in Congress, I can guarantee it won’t be any different. 

If you’re like me and you’ve had enough of the tax and spend RINOs, then SHARE our video and consider joining our team of grassroots conservatives.

Thank you and God Bless.

For the People
Nathan Dahm

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite Gains More Pledged Candidates, Organizes In Counties

​  With half the Republicans in the governor race expressing support for Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! (OTU), several other candidates are also announcing intention to campaign and serve under the principles of the OTU platform. Libertarian Candidates submitted their pledges to the OTU   This weekend three Libertarian candidates also signed a pledge at their OKLP convention. OTU intends to certify and publish the pled […]

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