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   Tonight the Oklahoma House stayed in a marathon session and suspended the rules in order to move on a massive tax and spending increase. The Bill had not yet been printed & distributed when the members were first asked to throw aside a key House rule in order to give the committee report a same-day floor vote​  Again, several legislators switched to “No” votes seconds before the roll was closed; so as to cloak their intent on the official […]

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Cigarette tax fails in first House floor vote

Although it passed by a vote of 63 to 34, the $1.50-per-pack cigarette tax hike failed to receive the Constitutionally required 2/3rds vote in the State House this afternoon. 14 Democrats and 20 Republicans voted against the tax hike.

The vote was held open for about an hour, but leadership could not get enough votes for passage. Apparently, Governor Mary Fallin even went to the floor to try and persuade members to vote for the tax increase. She did the same thing last year, begging House Democrats (of all people) to come on board. Due to a procedural move, the measure can be voted on again.

Governor Mary Fallin responded to the vote with this statement:

“I’m disappointed in those legislators who put political games and Washington-like gridlock ahead of the lives of Oklahomans and the core services our citizens expect.

“It’s personal to those of us who have lost loved ones to smoking-related illnesses. It’s personal to teenagers in Oklahoma who would have been saved from lives of tobacco addiction if the bill had passed. It’s personal for citizens who would have received health care from the new revenue.

“I encourage all citizens to contact legislators and urge a yes vote on a smart way to protect the health of our citizens and the health of our state services.”

If Fallin, who started off the year by pushing for nearly 2.6 billion dollars in tax increases, is serious about ending smoking-related illnesses, or stopping tobacco addiction, perhaps she’ll propose banning tobacco products next? I don’t expect her to, because after all, tobacco taxes are a big cash cow. She needs people to still smoke so that their taxes can pay for things.

House Raises Retailer Tax On All Sales Taxes

  The Oklahoma House of Representatives just passed a 1% tax on the retailers who  are required to collect and transfer sales taxes. It was a key feature of the collecting burden that our state placed on each retailer. In return for collecting and holding this money, the retailer was allowed a 1% discount for all the manpower and capital risk involved in being that agent for the state.  As a result, all retailers are now going to be held responsib […]

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Former Senator Tom Coburn Decries Efforts To Raise State Taxes

  ​​“Efforts to cap itemized deductions in order to increase personal income taxes by more than $100 million on hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans directly oppose the promises by conservatives to do the tough work of going line by line through every expenditure of government and to reform government so that it lives within the current tax burden in Oklahoma, especially during a tough economy. These efforts should stop immediately.”​ &nb […]

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  By a vote of 63-34 with Sean Roberts abstaining, the 98 seated members of the House of Representatives failed to reach the 75% threshold to pass new revenue legislation.  But the majority passage does allow it to be placed on the ballot of the Nov. 2018  general election.  The new tax of roughly $1.50 per pack of cigarettes would be designated for various healthcare interests.  The House Democrats did not vote as a block like they […]

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Fallin's Negligence of Duty, & The Cost To Taxpayers


By the Watchman
  Once again we find the leader of the state failing to make plans for what she knew was coming. Is this due to her lack of trust in the drunk she hired? Is it due to her lack of intelligence? We believe it’s neither of those. We believe it is an outright display of her liberal tax and spend mentality that has always been there. Her spending habit is having a negative effect on our economy and our ability to draw new industries to the state of Oklahoma. It has strengthened the legislature’s ability to pass tax increases and fee increases on to the public instead of taking the hard step of decreasing the size of government. Her actions have made what is considered the reddest state in the union more like the purplest state in the union.