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OVHC-PAC: Trump’s Monumental Move in the Vaccine Choice Movement

Have you heard? This is a great day for vaccine safety advocates across the nation as we applaud President-Elect Trump’s appointment of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to head vaccine safety and scientific integrity! He is more than qualified to address the many concerns that parents have had for decades. This is a game changer in the pro-safety movement!

Oklahoma for Vaccine and Health Choice -- Red is for STOP and Green is for GO! - Endorsements for Primary 2016

OVHC-PAC endorses the following candidates based on the criteria above. (see more on their website):

[Editor’s note:  Pay attention to the color coding and understand that

Green is for Good – Go vote for them;

Red is for Stop – think about it and do NOT vote for them.

I did not understand when I first looked at the list so I simply stress this concept here for all our readers/sc]

PAC Endorsement list on google docs here >>>

Partial listing below for key races – more complete information on google docs link (above).

OKGrassroots — Oklahoma for Vaccine and Health Choice — Red is for STOP and Green is for GO! – Endorsements for Primary 2016

House Sustains Veto Of Vaccine Information Bill

Late this afternoon, the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted to override the governor’s veto, but not by a sufficient 2/3 majority vote. As a result, the Oklahoma medical community and Oklahoma public schools can continue to force children to be immunized without telling them what is being injected into them.

HB 3016 Votes via

Featured on OKGrassroots – Sooner Politics Editorial – House Sustains Veto Of Vaccine Information Bill

Override Time People – Let’s Get ‘Er Done!  HB 3016 for Vaccine Choice

OperationoverrideIt’s override time Oklahoma! Email samples available online.

Add your story and tell the legislators why this is important to you. Legislators appreciate personal emails.

Remember, numbers trump money!

Let’s “Be the Voice for Vaccine Choice”, Oklahoma!

For more information on this project and email information visit:

Facebook OK4vaxchoice

OK4VaxChoice @OK4VaxChoice

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Sandra Crosnoe – Override Time People

Oklahoma Parent's & Children's Rights in Vaccines Bill on to Governor

Special thanks to Liza Longoria Greve, Casey Albertson Ohlsson & all who fought for Oklahoma Parent’s & Children’s Rights in Vaccines.

This note via Liza Longoria Greve on facebook:

Passed on its way to Governors desk! (Without Yen’s amendments!) The amendment to take our exemptions was tabled unanimously and the second one regarding VIS being enough was struck down. Thank you Senator Nathan Dahm and Rep. Randy Grau for authoring the first bill of its kind to empower parents with ingredients to help avoid allergic reactions and other balanced information prior to vaccinations. We are blessed to live in such a great state that values parental rights and informed consent!

[Editor’s note: I concur! It is good to have representatives that protect individual liberties. May there be more and an increasing awareness of the importance thereof!/sc]

Liberty on Tap: April Gathering with Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice - PAC

This month at Liberty on Tap, Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice-PAC will speak on the laws on vaccinations and current/potential legislation in Oklahoma, parental rights, and a bit on vaccine safety and efficacy. Their main goal is to help preserve parental choice. Be sure to add April 21st to your calendar and join us […]

Editor’s note: Join LOT the third Thursday of every month at Chimi’s Mexican Restaurant, 1304 E 15th St Tulsa, OK 6pm.

The False Security Of Vaccines

Vaccine Security?   Dr. Heather Revelis MD is today’s guest speaker at the Tulsa County Republican Men’s Club. Her medical presentation covers the vulnerabilities in many of today’s 60 vaccines offered in the name of “public health”.

Pharmaceutical companies are pushing for more mandates and devising new claims of protection, if we would just order all of our population to be forced into getting these expensive drugs.