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Trump Wins Presidency, Crisis is Averted

It’s Time to Enact a Pro-gun Agenda Like Never Before

Dear Friend of the Second Amendment,

It’s hard to overstate the crisis that was averted last night with the election of Donald Trump … the defeat of gun-grabbing Hillary Clinton … and the refusal to give Chuck Schumer control of the U.S. Senate.

If Hillary won, as most of the “experts” predicted, the Supreme Court would have been stacked against gun rights for a generation.

The push to ratify the UN Arms Trade Treaty would have picked up steam.

A new ban on semi-automatic firearms would be on the table, as would an expansion of the rest of the Obama-Bloomberg-Clinton gun control agenda.

But in blue states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, gun owners came out in large numbers to defeat Hillary Clinton.

This is a triumph of gun rights advocates over those who would destroy the Second Amendment.