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Note: Even if you don’t live in Nebraska, you are likely to find this article of interest. In fact, we would ask you to read it and see if you notice similar phenomena in your area. If so, we encourage you to leave comment (see bottom). A few weeks ago, Linda told me she wanted […]

OK-SAFE recently had the opportunity to interview Michael F. Cannon on their America in the Balance radio program. The subjects included the definition of insurance exchanges, federal funding grants, and why states should not implement exchanges. Podcast of the 4/3/11 interview here. Michael F. Cannon is the director of health policy studies at the Cato […]

Last week, Mary Fallin attempted to answer the critics to her using the $54 million Healthcare Grant to implement healthcare exchanges. These are my response to the same questions…. What is a health insurance exchange? Not mentioned nearly enough in The Patient Protection and Affordable care Act (PPACA) debate have been these insurance exchanges.

As we reported on February 1, Federal District Court Judge Roger Vinson issued an opinion in the multi-state Attorneys General lawsuit on January 31, declaring the health care law unconstitutional. Since the ruling came out, many question whether any further activities associated with implementing the law should proceed.  Others conclude the states should move “full […]