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Three times the accounts, three times the fun

It seems that everyone with a blog has a tale about their failed attempt to sign up on-line for Obamacare.  My own tale is already a month old and is no different from all the others, but I’m starting to feel like there is a noticeable void in my blog without out, so here it is . . . 

Shortly before the launch of, I visited, which appears to be a website set up by the healthcare insurance industry to promote the still-gestating government-managed scheme.  It attempted to dispel the many “myths” about ACA, and gave assurances that the skies would always be sunny atop Big Rock Candy Mountain.  
Dewey Bartlett Says No to Obamacare

The Federal Government’s takeover of healthcare is punishing local municipalities across our nation. Congressman Bridenstine applauds Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett’s courageous stand against this destructive law. 
Please read Mayor Bartlett’s July 2013 letter to Kathleen Sebelius:

OK-SAFE, Inc. – From Newsmax: Computer Security Expert: Obamacare a Hacker’s Dream Oct. 3, 2013, by Greg Richter Saying “somebody made a grave error,” McAfee Antivirus founder John McAfee says millions of Americans could have their identities stolen as people sign up for Obamacare. Appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto” on Wednesday, the eccentric tech […]