​The Proposed new Omnibus Medical Marijuana Bill is now published. It will be presented as a “Committee Substitute” of an existing ‘shell bill’.It creates a few statutory changes and adds clarity to a number of matters, including product testing standards (food safety protocols).It fails to address the tax issue. Voters believed it established a 7% sales tax on the medicine, but the Tax Commission imposed a double tax and more than doubled the assessment.It adds occupational licensing r […]

Unethical mission creepBy Trent EnglandExecutive Vice President, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA)Two weeks ago, the Oklahoma Ethics Commission held its final hearing on proposed rules for this year. The unusual process calls for the Commission…

  Virginia Governor Ralph Northam doesn’t regret his abortion comments. But he does regret dressing up in black face for a Michael Jackson dance contest. His wife probably doesn’t regret preventing him from moonwalking at his press conference.

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