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Reciprocity Bills Will Protect the Rights of Concealed Carriers

Click on the TAKE ACTION button and urge your Representative and Senators to cosponsor the Stutzman-Cornyn bills (H.R. 923 and S. 498) — legislation that will protect your right to carry concealed firearms across the country.

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Stutzman & Cornyn Bills Treat the 2nd Amendment as Your Concealed Carry Permit

Sources inside Congress have told GOA that they may soon be taking up concealed carry reciprocity bill.

If enacted, this legislation would mean that your right to carry would no longer end at your state border.  

It would mean we would be one step closer to enjoying the full protections of the Second Amendment, which says the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.” 

To this end, Gun Owners of America is supporting H.R. 923 and S. 498 — legislation introduced by Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) and Senator John Cornyn (R-TX).

H.R. 923 and S. 498 are the best reciprocity bills in the Congress.  Yes, there are similar bills, but they don’t protect citizens who travel from Constitutional Carry states.

As we reported last week, there are now ten Constitutional Carry states in the union — states that have passed laws which don’t require gun owners to get permission to exercise their constitutionally-protected rights or to be registered like sex offenders.

These states are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming and most of Montana.

The Stutzman-Cornyn bills do not punish these states for being too pro-gun.

They do not require a gun owner from these states to get a concealed carry permit before carrying a firearm out of state.  

Sadly, the other reciprocity bills in Congress would impose this restriction, forcing people to get registered through the permitting process before exercising their rights.

Why Reciprocity Legislation is Needed

Some gun owners have argued that reciprocity legislation is unnecessary because the Second Amendment recognizes the right to carry wherever we want. 

We agree that Americans have that right. 

But sometimes a “right” — even a God-given right — needs a mechanism to enforce it against a politicized judiciary. 

When Shaneen Allen was arrested in New Jersey for carrying a firearm with a Pennsylvania concealed carry license, the Garden State was flagrantly denying Shaneen’s rights and acting unconstitutionally.

Shaneen faced over a decade in prison — and was only exonerated when gun owners pressured Governor Chris Christie, whose presidential ambitions made him unusually receptive to our message. 

So consider this:  When you carry concealed in New York, New Jersey, California, or another state, the fact that you are “right” isn’t going to keep you from going to prison for decades — unless the Stutzman-Cornyn legislation is passed into law and force these lawless states to comply.

This legislation is consistent with the Second and Fourteenth Amendments.  The Supreme Court (correctly) ruled in McDonald v. Chicago (2010) that the Constitution protects the right to keep and bear arms from federal AND state abuse.

That’s what the Stutzman-Cornyn bills do — they prevent anti-gun states from denying your right to carry concealed when you travel with your family out of state.

This is important legislation.  Please urge your Representative and Senators to cosponsor H.R. 923 and S. 498.

Good News the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

Good News to Celebrate on George Washington’s Birthday 

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” — George Washington (1788)

Firearms Freedom is Advancing Across the Country!

The nation is still mourning the death of a great Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia.  Nevertheless, there is a lot of positive gun rights news occurring around the country.

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The Second Amendment Made a Huge Difference in Iowa

“The first thing I intend to do as President is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by Barack Obama.” — Ted Cruz, February 2, 2016

I’m sure you saw the results of what happened in Iowa on Monday night.

A pro-gun constitutionalist ran on his principles, without compromising them, and he won!

Ted Cruz’ victory was an exciting night for people who love the Second Amendment.  

Some in the media have made the case that gun rights played an important role in both political parties on Monday.

On the one hand, said columnist Dave Workman, the win by a “staunchly pro-gun Cruz” came with a record Republican turnout in Iowa.  

On the other hand, he said, “Clinton has been obsessive about gun control, and her coin-toss ‘victory’ suggests that the rhetoric may not have fired up Democrats as she apparently hoped.”

Likewise, Bob Owens of says that, “Cruz is drawing considerable support from a large group of single-issue guns rights voters, whereas Hillary is pandering to a group of single-issue gun control voters that is so vanishingly small as to be statistically insignificant.”

Who this nation puts in the Oval Office this year is crucial, as it will have a tremendous impact upon our Second Amendment rights.  

Consider the Supreme Court.  Hillary Clinton has already stated that, if elected, Barack Obama would be a good nominee for the Supreme Court!  

This is especially scary when you consider that the next President could appoint four Justices.  Who else would Hillary Clinton want to nominate to the court — Michael Bloomberg?  

We need a constitutionalist in the White House.  Otherwise, our Second Amendment rights could be in grave jeopardy.

But Ted Cruz has the legal background to protect the Constitution.  

As Solicitor General of Texas, he drafted the amicus brief in the famous Heller case that was signed by 31 state attorneys general.  This was the case where the Supreme Court conclusively stated that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms.

After being elected to the U.S. Senate, Cruz went toe-to-toe against anti-gun Sen. Dianne Feinstein and embarrassed her — exposing her ignorance on the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Senator Cruz also helped lead the attack to defeat every gun control proposal offered in the U.S. Senate in 2013, when the President tried to use the Sandy Hook tragedy to implement a draconian gun control agenda.

Ted Cruz is not a recent convert to the pro-gun position.  He is solidly pro-gun — and is 100 percent pro-Constitution. 

Of course, I certainly recognize that some gun owners are supporting other candidates.  

Our endorsement of Ted Cruz does NOT in any way disparage the other pro-gun candidates — in fact we have worked closely on legislative matters with Senators who are in the presidential race.

But GOA endorsed Cruz because we believe he has the strongest pro-gun and constitutional record — as indicated in our endorsement statement last year.

And it’s nice to see that even before the Iowa win, Americans would vote for Ted Cruz over Hillary Clinton, as evidenced by a recent Fox News poll.


Tim Macy
Gun Owners of America 


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The Danger of Background Checks Now Rearing Its Ugly Head

ACTION: It is urgent that you urge your congressmen NOT to give the President the extra money he is seeking for additional ATF agents.  Republican congressmen especially need to hear from you!

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Obama’s FBI Cancels Due Process for Illegal NICS Denials

Gun Owners of America has long argued that honest citizens should NEVER have to prove their innocence to the government in order to exercise a God-given, constitutionally-protected right.

We don’t require journalists to undergo background checks before publishing their stories. 

We don’t force pastors to get their sermons screened.

We don’t do these things because they’re unconstitutional, and because giving government officials the power to decide who is “allowed” to enjoy their liberties will inevitably result in abuses. 

That’s the problem with the NICS background check system, which is nothing more than an “infringement” on the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.

And this infringement is resulting in tremendous abuses:

* Nearly 200,000 military veterans have lost their gun rights because they were deemed as “mental defectives,” having suffered from ailments such as PTSD.

* And the Obama administration is now working to disarm those receiving Social Security benefits if they have someone handling their financial affairs. 

But military veterans and seniors are just the tip of the iceberg.  Consider what the President now has in store for the rest of us:

1) Barack Obama’s illegal “executive actions” would vastly extend the NICS requirement to gun collectors and hobbyists — threatening them with five years in jail and fines of $250,000.

This turns more than 200-years of freedom on its head. Private individuals will no longer be able to freely buy and sell firearms, but they’ll constantly wonder if their next private sale might result in draconian penalties.

Of course, the only reason that Barack Obama could even expand background checks is because the NICS infrastructure already existed — the Instant Check law having been drafted as a “compromise” by another pro-gun organization in the early 1990s.

2) As a result of Obama’s latest war against gun owners, any person who is illegitimately stopped from buying a gun because of the NICS check is NOT being allowed to appeal his or her denial.

One out of twelve NICS applicants is denied his or her gun purchase through a “red” or “yellow” response.  But now the appeal process to challenge a mistaken denial has become impossible.

Why?  Because according to USA Today (1/20/16), the FBI has decided to ignore federal law and halt all appeals of erroneous gun denials.

Never mind that subsection (f) of the Statutes-at-Large portion of the Brady Law requires the FBI to explain the reason for a denial within 5 days, and subsection (g) requires an “immediate” correction of erroneous records.  That is now being thrown out the window.

USA Today reports that since October, the FBI has transferred all 70 appeals examiners to other duties — illegally.  Presumably, the FBI’s intention is to refuse to comply with the law unless Congress gives them more money.

But, of course, if “mortals” refused to comply with the Brady Law, they would go to prison.

Bottom line:  The Obama administration says they don’t have enough resources to implement the Brady Law — instead, choosing to deny honest gun owners their right to keep and bear arms.

So GOA has a better idea.  If they can’t protect the rights of gun owners under the Brady Law, then they shouldn’t be allowed to illegally expand the law to deny the rights of even more gun owners. 

So please contact your Representative and Senators and urge them to NOT give the President the extra money he is seeking for additional ATF agents.

You can do this with just a couple clicks of your mouse.

And while you’re contacting them, urge them NOT to reward Obama with the “legacy” sentencing legislation (H.R. 3713 and S. 2123) that we alerted you to in previous alerts.

Help GOA Stop Obama’s Anti-gun Legacy

“Never tell me the odds.” – Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back 

ACTION:  Click here to urge key Senators to exercise their leadership in killing Obama’s anti-gun legacy. 

Obama Continues to Wreak Havoc on Gun Rights

On January 4, the President of the United States declared war on gun owners.

His lawless, anti-gun power-grab potentially threatens every gun owner in the country.  It represents one of the boldest executive actions against gun owners in history. 

First, there’s his efforts to turn collectors and hobbyists into “gun dealers.”  

This would take us back to the “bad old days” in which the ATF tried to imprison collectors who sold only a couple of firearms.

Under Obama’s new amorphous standards, even the sale of a single gun could land you in prison.

On one hand, Obama wants to turn collectors and hobbyists into “gun dealers.”  On the other hand, under Clinton-era policies, he won’t give licenses to collectors and hobbyists without “bricks-and-mortar” storefronts.  

So the liar-in-chief is trying to set a trap in which collecting firearms is effectively outlawed.

Second, there’s Obama’s 200 new ATF agents proposed, not to arrest the violent drug dealers he wants to release on the streets, but rather to feed more 4473’s into Obama’s burgeoning national gun registry.

Then there are the efforts to:

* Use taxpayer dollars to develop “smart gun” technology, which would ultimately be required;

* Slap gun loss reporting requirements on the gun industry that could easily entrap large dealers; and

* Impose new rules to strip 4.2 million seniors of their gun collections.

Obama has declared war on gun owners.  It’s now time to strike back.

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Here’s How We Can Hit Obama Where it Hurts!

President Obama is looking for a “legacy” piece of legislation to help salvage his flailing presidency.

During his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, he expressed his desire to “work together this year on bipartisan priorities like criminal justice reform ….” 

The “reform” bill he wants is the sentencing bill that has a lot of Republican support in the Congress (H.R. 3713/S. 2123).

In fact, the Republican Judiciary Committee Chairman in each chamber — Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte — are leading the charge on this legislation.

But truly constitutional conservatives like Ted Cruz of Texas and Jeff Sessions of Alabama have opposed this legislation — and even voted against the bill in the Judiciary Committee.

These pro-gun Senators oppose the sentencing reform for good reason.

This legislation would increase prison sentences for gun owners, at the same time as it lets tens of thousands of drug dealers loose on the streets.  

And it could come up in the Senate in a few weeks.

Which leads us to an obvious conclusion:  If Mitch McConnell brings up the anti-gun sentencing bill, senators MUST amend it to repeal Obama’s anti-gun “executive actions.”

It’s bad enough that Republicans are pushing this anti-gun bill, while seeking our votes.  

But to pass Obama’s anti-gun “legacy” sentencing bill, while doing NOTHING about the unconstitutional anti-gun executive actions which Republicans claim to oppose would tell us, once and for all, that the GOP is as contemptuous of the Second Amendment as the Democrats are.

So please contact Senator Ted Cruz.  Thank him for opposing the anti-gun sentencing bill.  And urge him to offer amendments to defund every element of Obama’s illegal “executive action” if Majority Leader Mitch McConnell forces the bill to the floor.

And contact Senator Mitch McConnell.  Tell him that you are opposed to moving the anti-gun “Obama legacy” sentencing bill at the same time Obama is spitting on the Constitution through his unlawful “executive actions.”  

Please take action today!  At the very least, this anti-gun bill needs to go to the floor with amendments outlawing every part of Obama’s anti-gun executive action.

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

“GOA [has] proven itself as a uniquely effective ‘no-compromise’ national leader in the gun rights advocacy community.”

— David Codrea, formerly of The Examiner


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Gun owners should take heart because freedom is advancing! 

It has been a good year for freedom. More state legislatures are passing GOA-backed laws, enabling citizens to carry firearms concealed WITHOUT permits — laws that are known as Constitutional Carry.


UPDATE: Piers Morgan Act and upcoming session

UPDATE: Piers Morgan Act and upcoming session
Many people have asked for an update regarding the “Piers Morgan Act”. Fortunately, the bill helped to accomplish the goal of emphasizing the changes needed in Oklahoma to better protect our rights to self-defense as protected by the 2nd Amendment. Unfortunately, there are some in the Senate that believe our current gun laws are “good enough like they are”. It is due to this attitude that one committee chairman has been refused to grant hearings to almost every bill dealing with …