R3publicans: Do you want your state to be Abortion Free?  Rally in Tulsa on January 20th

If so then you might want to investigate Dan Fisher’s campaign for governor.

Dan Fisher speaks on repentance, justice, and mercy.

Here is his speech from the first Abortion-Free State Rally in OKC:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc-cj79tq5k (link for video)


Abortion-Free State Rally 2 (Tulsa)

Facebook event for Rally

  • When: Saturday, January 20 at 2 PM – 3 PM
  • Where:
    5345 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105-6819, United State

Dan Fisher’s campaign website for more information on more issues here>>>

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Life Expectancy

The Dow hit another record high yesterday.  Unemployment is at a record low. Though The Hill says the 4.1% rate is more like 8% when you include the underemployed. At any rate over half of those polled by CNBC  rated the economy as “good” or “excellent. Life Expectancy Yet life expectancy declined in the U.S. from

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Sooner Politics:  How Did Senator Todd Lamb Used To Vote? We'll Tell You.


Lt. Governor Todd Lamb was once a state senator. He was first elected in 2004, and became Majority Floor Leader in 2009.  He voted on hundreds of bills and authored several. While this all happened in the past decade   The good journalists at the Oklahoma Constitution have provided the voters of Oklahoma with a record of key legislative voting records since the early 1980s. Steve Byas and Ron McWhirter have worked with the members of Oklahoma […]

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Sooner Politics:  New Poll Reports 62% Support For Medical Cannabis  In Oklahoma

  KOKI Fox23 reports that Oklahomans For Health released the results of a statewide poll regarding the medical use of Cannabis products under direct supervision of a licensed physician.  According to Oklahomans for Health, a new poll  found that 62% of Oklahomans support State Question 788, a measure that would legalize medical marijuana in the state.  Oklahomans will cast their votes on SQ788 on June 26.​  Oklahomans for Health issued […]

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Liberty on Tap:  Principle Vs Voting

Lysander Spooner argued that voting was a legitimate means of self-defense against the State, and noted that many supporters of the State consider both voting and abstention to be acknowledgments of the State’s legitimacy. I have swung like a pendulum to varying degrees and extremes regarding government, the State, politics, voting, and ideology. Since you’re […]

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