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Sooner Politics:  Lobbyists Seek To Overhaul Oklahoma Republican Party Leadership Structure

  A group of individuals in the Oklahoma Republican party, led by people like Tobacco industry lobbyist Seth Rott; are seeking to radically replace the structure of party leadership in Oklahoma.  One source says that US Senator, James Lankford is also behind the effort to give more control to incumbent politicians in the OKGOP. The move would eliminate most of the authority of the current presiding body (the State Committee), and replace it with a largely hand-picked group of…

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Sooner Politics:  Epic Charter Schools May Be the Victim of A 'Whisper Campaign'

  It is no secret that the hundreds of our state’s bloated public school districts despise the success of Epic Virtual Charter Schools. Lobbyists have pressured some lawmakers to write several new laws which are designed to hamper Epic and weigh it down into the same malaise which currently paralyzes our largest public school districts.  Several weeks ago some new whispers even reached the printed pages of some large newspapers in our state. The problem is, […]

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  If the Oklahoma Democrats didn’t have enough problems on their hands, a late night vandal just added to their woes by adorning their state headquarters with blue spray-painted messages of classic racist themes.  The building is at 37th & N Classen, in OKC. It’s owned by former governor, David Walters. Several tenants occupy the facility, including the Oklahoma Tax Commission.  Tonight the OKC Police Dept. posted this note to social media outlets […]

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Oklahoma Republicans Will Hold 2-Day Convention April 5-6

  The Oklahoma Republican Party will hold a massive ‘restructuring’ convention next week. The event will be held in Moore Oklahoma, at the campus of First Moore Baptist Church. Friday will feature a Gala dinner with Governor Kevin Stitt & Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell. Keynote speaker will be Ronald Reagan’s post-presidency asst., Peggy Grande.  Earlier on Friday there will be more than a dozen political & campaign training classes offered to party members. […]

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Sooner Politics:  DA Mike Fisher Drops Charges Against 2 of the 4 Kentucky Hemp Truckers

  After 2 months of interstate commerce harassment, the new District Attorney for Osage County is trying to quietly end the saga by dropping charges against the 2 actual truckers.  D.A. Mike Fisher now admits that he doesn’t have evidence of a crime, much less a citation, of the 2 truckers. It’s not certain what is the status of the half-million dollar shipment or the semi tractor/trailer rig that was used in the federally-protected interstate commerce of l […]

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Sooner Politics:  McCurtain County Sheriff Defies Medical Marijuana Law, Seizes Commercial Operation

In the far southeastern county of Oklahoma. A county sheriff, Kevin Clardy; conspired with a local judge & district attorney(Mark Matloff) to shut down a licensed grower’s crops, some kitchen appliances(cannabis butter maker), personal medical devices, and even her cellphones. Sharla Smith – Licensed Farmer    Sharla S […]

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Sooner Politics:  The Coming Redistricting Debates

 Oklahoma has experienced a significant population shift in the last 9 years. In just 10 months the federal govt. will commission yet another census of the nation’s inhabitants for the purpose of insuring equal representation of the government and the delivery of resources & services.  When those results are delivered to the states, the 58th Oklahoma legislature will be tasked with drawing all new lines for every electoral subdivision.  From the local town councils…

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