Clouds over America Conference 2013 -- a personal report by Gary Kilpatrick

A personal report from the Clouds over America Conference which occurred in Oklahoma City February 8-9, 2013 by Gary Kilpatrick. Gary currently resides in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Gary retired from ConocoPhillips in 2004 where he served in a number of management positions. He is a Sunday School teacher, an ACT for America Chapter leader and has served on the Republican Party State Platform Committee. In the last several years he has become increasingly concerned about the future of our state and our nation.

Clouds Over America Conference -- An Oklahoma Emphasis February 8-9 in OKC


Nathan Dahm – State Senator on Sound Money

Jon Echols – State Rep on Surveillance & Facial ID

Dan Fisher – State Rep on States Rights

Hon Sterling Lacy on Beating Discouragement with Hope

Kevin McAfee on Hollywood vs Morality

Dr Duke Pesta on Freedom Project and University Ugly

Pastor Paul Blair on Candidate Experience

Bob Donohoo on Strategic Activism

Tim Gillespie on OK Gun Legislation

Charlie Meadows on The State Chamber Has Changed

Jenni White on Common Core Curriculum

For more information call 405-348-9991

Note: There is a fee to attend (see pdf flyer for details)

Conference sponsored by Oklahoma Conservative PAC, Oklahoma Chapters of The John Birch Society and Reclaiming America for Christ

Save the Republic Rally - Oct 27th

Speakers so far will be Tea Party Approved only: LCDR Jim Bridenstine (Candidate for OK 1 District Congress), State Senator Elect Nathan Dahm, State Rep. Dr. Mike Ritze, J.W. Berry (Founder and Executive OKforTEA), Tom Counts(Executive Director for OKforTEA), Matthew Vermillion (Host of OKforTEA Radio and Station Owner ofLibertyBellRadio.com), Ronda Vuillemont-Smith (President of Tulsa 9/12 Project), Jennie White (Restoring Oklahoma Public Education), Amanda Teegarden (OK-SAFE, Inc), Dave Bell(Candidate for Oklahoma State Senate District 11), Darren Gantz (Oklahomans for Liberty) and others.

Washington County Sample Ballot for Special Election June 26 – Did you Know there were Bonds on the Ballot?

Special Election Indebtedness exceeds $15M for City of Bartlesville in a time where most people are cutting back. What are we thinking? Here’s a summary of what is on the ballot June 26th:
Proposition No. 1 $325,000 for the purpose of acquiring technology for the City…
Proposition No. 2 $7,085,000 to provide funds for the purpose of constructing and equipping a public safety complex…
Proposition No. 3 $2,240,009 to provide funds for the purpose of constructing and equipping and improving City parks and City cultural and recreational facilities…
Proposition No. 4 $5,350,000 to provide funds for the purpose of constructing, reconstructing, and improving streets and roads in the city….

Separate ballot

Total Indebtedness $15,000,009

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