Brian Walters Announces for Senate District 45 Seat

Republican Businessman Brian Walters Announces for Senate District 45 Seat

South Oklahoma City businessman Brian Walters announced today that he will be a Republican candidate in the special election to fill the vacant Senate District 45 seat.

“Given the financial problems our state government faces, we need people with real-world experience dealing with large-scale financial forecasting and budgeting,” Walters said. “I have an extensive background in financial planning and business development. That quality is glaringly lacking at the Oklahoma Capitol, which is one reason the state keeps generating huge shortfalls year-in and year-out.”

Walters is owner of an estate settlement service company, helping families deal with the challenges of addressing business and estate issues after losing a loved one. Prior to that, Walters was Director of Finance and Administration for a farm equipment company, overseeing more than $100 million in revenue. In that position, he developed analytics and benchmarks for monthly operating results and financial reviews including budgets, revenue and inventory forecasts. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for financial operations at several business organizations.

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