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Signs of the Times Series: Timing 4 – 1260 Days

During these 1260 days the antichrist will rule most of the world. The 10 ruling banking families of the world have been setting up a coming one world rule for decades. They think they are going to set up a kingdom where they and their future families will rule absolutely forever with the antichrist. They think they will succeed. And perhaps they would if it were not for the divine intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, Jesus will intervene for the elect’s sake and destroy the wicked rule of the antichrist and the wicked world system that is now quickly taking shape. After decades and centuries of working the world into a frenzy to accept a one world government, this wicked rule will end after only 1260 days of world wide dominion. This short rule but most destructive rule is known in the Bible as the “great tribulation.”