Should Hunters Confined to a Wheelchair Pay Extra in Oklahoma?

Under current Oklahoma law, it is generally illegal to harass, chase, capture, or kill wildlife with the aid of any motor driven vehicle. There are exceptions, but this is fairly clear to most hunters. So as to not mistakenly sweep up electric wheelchairs into the prohibition, Oklahoma law allows a person unable to walk to obtain permission to hunt from their motorized chair. Continue Reading….

Theodore King: OKC Snuffing Out Reason

By Theodore King. Reprinted with permission

911: Nine one one, what’s your emergency?
OKC resident: There’s someone smoking a cigarette in Bluff Creek Park!
: We’ll get a squad car out there right away.
  This may sound silly, but if Oklahoma CIty Ward 4 Councilman Pete White has his way, this could happen – calling the cops to stop a smoker in a public park! On December 8, Councilman White will propose an new ordinance for Oklahoma City making it illegal to smoke tobacco on all city property, including parks! Councilman White makes an exception for city golf courses and sidewalks. The reason for the exemption on golf courses is golfers tend to be affluent and prefer cigars. And sidewalks will be exempt as it’s difficult to enforce for sidewalks.

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First-hand Accounts Of The 'Refugees' Flooding Europe

By NATO Officer, Joe Newhouse, United States Navy Reserve –
  Reporters and refugees have an unspoken arrangement: children are to be brought forth when the cameras turn on. This benefits the refugees because their plight is advertised in greatest sympathy, and this benefits the media because it dramatizes their story and furthers their narrative. International media broadcasts these images with the implication that the compassionate, Christian response is to allow the refugees in. That children are experiencing hardship is an undeniable truth. As is often the case, however, we are being fed a partial truth. There is much more to the story.

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Five State Reforms Of Asset Forfeiture

Principled Reforms on Civil Asset Forfeiture:

By David Van –  There has been much debate about the practice of cops and prosecutors taking property from individuals and corporations based on only a notion that the property may have been utilized for committing a crime, or exists as the fruits of the criminal activity.

Five Reforms

  1. We can’t have each county and city running this cash cow using their own unique rules. A statewide set of rules needs to be created and the state needs to hold all law enforcement agencies accountable.

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The Member Driven State Budget Part II

Last week I provided a copy of a letter which I wrote to legislators in 2014 regarding the need for budget reform. In that letter I outlined the benefits of transitioning the state budget development framework away from a “closed door” process by which only a few have power and into a member-driven budget which is developed in accordance with the principles of openness and due process.I knew…

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Congress Can and Should Still Defund Planned Parenthood

Rather than confront Sen. Harry Reid and President Obama, some Republicans in Congress have asserted that defunding Planned Parenthood is impossible. In October, I asked the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) to examine Congress’ ability to defund Planned Parenthood. The CRS report unequivocally shows that Congress can indeed stop federal funding to Planned Parenthood and its affiliates should it choose to do so. It’s a question of will and commitment to principle.

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OKGOP State Committee Debates Gun Free Zones

By Kenny Bob Tapp – 
  I am very proud of my brother, Daniel Watts and Logan Co. GOP Chair Ric Moore for standing up for the individual inalienable right to self defense at yesterday’s Oklahoma Republican Party State Committee meeting. Wish I could have been there to support their stellar efforts!
  I Was very disappointed to hear that 1/4 of the Republican State Committee members at the end of the meeting opposed the 2nd Amendment. Republicans, especially Oklahoma Republicans should have unanimously supported such a vote.

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A Cannabinoid Medical Breakthrough

  I’ve watched to many relatives die slowly and painfully from cancer.  Morphine ended up being the last medication they turned to in their intense pain.
  Imagine if the govt. had made Morphine illegal, arguing that it’s just Opium? And imagine if the Opium had some derivatives that actually cured ailments and recovered health?

  Well, there are derivatives of Hemp which have great capabilities to restore health and bring relief from many serious ailments; yet lawmakers lack the courage or knowledge needed to get out of the way of our medical professionals who administer medications for the benefit of the suffering patients who seek relief and healing.

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Presidential Hopefuls Begin Filing For Oklahoma Primary

Every state has a filing period.
Oklahoma’s is in early December. 

Monday, Dec. 7th is the first day of the Oklahoma Election Board’s 3-day filing period.

  By statute, the candidates seeking access to the Oklahoma presidential primary must file with the state election board during the 3 announced days, in early December.
  This may not be the national photo-op that it is in New Hampshire, but several media outlets will have correspondents staying in touch with the election board.
   In 2012, some upstart campaigns almost missed the opportunity to be on the ballot because they lacked the national campaign staff to keep up with the election laws of all 50 states.

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