Happy Thanksgiving from Finding Gems & Sharing Them 2014!

Thanksgiving this year is officially November 27th but it is a concept we should celebrate daily!

I thank you for your part in making my life rich and full. Thank you for your prayers and your presence online and in person making a difference wherever and whenever possible. I look forward to seeing you in person as the Lord leads our paths to cross again. Let us keep blessing as many as we can as we learn to walk in His ways as we go. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

— Thanks be to the Lord for His Provision!

Common Core Chaos Debate at OWU Tuesday Nov 11th

Jenni White of Restore Oklahoma Public Education


Michael Petrilli of Fordham Institute

The Greatest Fight in Education History: Common Core Chaos?

Tuesday, November 11th @7PM

Oklahoma Weslayan University

Editor’s note: “We sure need to eliminate the Department of Education.”

We believe in limited
government, individual liberty, and personal moral responsibility.

First sentence, 2013 Oklahoma Republican Party Platform

Absentee ballot in hand, my thoughts wander all over the

How will I vote, on
all these races big and small? Judges and ballot questions, what should I do? I know I read the recommendations…