R3publicans:  Did Someone Slip Donald Trump Some Kind of Political Viagra?

Did Someone Slip Donald Trump Some Kind of Political Viagra?JAMES GEORGE JATRAS | 22.12.2018

Did Someone Slip Donald Trump Some Kind of Political Viagra?

This has been an extraordinary week. After two years of getting rolled by the Washington establishment, it seems that President Donald Trump woke up and suddenly realized, “Hey – I’m the president! I have the legal authority to do stuff!”

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​  Patient and advocate, Chris Moe, is reporting a series of threats of harm were communicated to him over the weekend. On Friday night he exposed a series of narratives of illegal distribution in the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. ​  While Moe (known as Uncle Grumpy) did not name anyone specifically, he did give enough details to make many ‘bad actors’ feel very threatened. Some bad actors are going after Moe, rather than cleaning up their practices and apologizing…

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  The Oklahoma Medical Board(OMB) has published an announcement for an upcoming ‘training session’ entitled “Pills, Pot and the Politics of Pain”.   The content listed in the program is devoted completely to Opiate addiction and black market crime details. No medical training on Cannabis alternatives for pain management is mentioned anywhere in the program.   The course offering has been certified (by the OMB) to […]

R3publicans:  Syria Withdrawal Enrages the Chickenhawks

A Christmas present for the American and Syrian people
Philip Giraldi • December 25, 2018

Christmas in Syria

President Donald Trump’s order to withdraw from Syria has been greeted, predictably, with an avalanche of condemnation culminating in last Thursday’s resignation by Defense Secretary James Mattis. The Mattis resignation letter focused on the betrayal of allies, though it was inevitably light on details, suggesting that the Marine Corps General was having some difficulty in discerning that American interests might be somewhat different than those of feckless and faux allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia that are adept at manipulating the levers of power in Washington and in the media. Mattis clearly appreciates that having allies is a force multiplier in wartime but fails to understand that it is a liability otherwise as the allies create an obligation to go to war on their behalf rather than in response to any actual national interest.

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Stock Market December to Remember

Your 401 (k) Goes Bungee Jumping It was the night before Christmas and the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 653 points. But the day after Christmas the bull bounced back for a record 1,000 point gain. Alas, the stock market December to remember continued as the Dow dropped 600 points the following morning. But not

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R3publicans:  The Great War Christmas Truce: ‘They Were Positively Human’

For a brief moment in 1914, the guns went silent and the men risked court martial to play soccer, smoke and sing—with the other side.

By Hunter DeRensisDecember 21, 2018

The Illustrated London News’s illustration of the Christmas Truce: “British and German Soldiers Arm-in-Arm Exchanging Headgear: A Christmas Truce between Opposing Trenches” by A.C. Michael, 1915.Wikimedia Commons/public domain

A 19th-century peace activist once asked, “Is it possible that any Christian, of whatever sect, who believes the New Testament to be anything better than a fable, can doubt for a moment that the time will come when all the kingdoms of the earth shall be at peace?”

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