OK Governor Signs Anti-Protest Law Imposing Huge Fines on “CONSPIRATOR” Organizations


Alleen Brown

A STATUTE AIMED at suppressing protests against oil and gas pipelines has been signed into law in Oklahoma, as a related bill advances through the state legislature. The two bills are part of a nationwide trend in anti-protest laws meant to significantly increase legal penalties for civil disobedience. The Oklahoma law signed this week is unique, however, in its broad targeting of groups “conspiring” with protesters accused of trespassing. It takes aim at environmental organizations Republicans have blamed for anti-pipeline protests that have become costly for local governments.

The statute Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin approved Wednesday was rushed into immediate effect under a provision that declared the situation “an emergency.” It will dramatically increase penalties against protesters who trespass on property containing a “critical infrastructure facility.”

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Pew: American Trust Level in Federal Government Plummets to Historic Lows

by PENNY STARR 5 May 2017

Pew Research Center’s national survey on the overall trust of the American people in the federal government is “near historic lows,” with just 20 percent saying they trust it to do what’s right “always or most of the time.”

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BREAKING: Macron emails lead to allegations of drug use, homosexual adventurism and Rothschild money

The information in leaked emails which Wikileaks now claims are authentic, is damning.

  • French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron may not be the boring ex-Rothschild banker turned aspiring war criminal that he’s lead us to believe he is. New information gathered by online researchers and published by Milo Yiannopoulos has shown that Macron may be addicted to a dangerous drug, may be engaged in secret homosexual relationships and may have had private alcohol fuelled parties paid for by the Rothschild bank.

read further at http://theduran.com/breaking-macron-emails-lead-to-allegations-of-drug-use-homosexual-adventurism-and-rothschild-money/

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How the Government Predicts The Future – Inside the “Sentient World Simulation”

Have you ever watched the TV show “Person Of Interest”? It started in 2011 and ran until 2016. The premise of the show was that the government had a massive computer and corresponding database that kept track of every individual in the United States. It also predicted tragic events that a small group of heroes that tries to correct those tragic events.

James Corbett in his July 4, 2012 “Eye Opener Report” describes a real government computer, sans the heroes. Of course that was back in 2012, who knows the advancements they have made in invading the publics privacy over these last 5 years. If you are unaware of the massive government surveillance that is being done or would like to know more listen to his report.

You can go to his site at https://www.corbettreport.com/how-the-government-predicts-the-future-inside-the-sentient-world-simulation/

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Obama did cocaine, was gay and cheated on his wife according to new biography

May 4th, 2017

Passionate sex: Genevieve Cook was an Australian-born 22-year-old who was Obama’s first post-college lover. The two took drugs together and slept together on their first date.

Well we always knew this and RINOs always refused to believe BUT at least now it’s official!

The sex secrets of the young Barack Obama have been revealed in an authoritative new biography of the ex-president.

Obama slept with his girlfriend Genevieve Cook on their first date, before she wrote him a poem about their ‘f***ing’ and called their sex ‘passionate’, the book about the former president reveals.

They also did cocaine together – and after they split she slept with his best friend.

Obama also considered a gay relationship while at college, twice proposed to another white girlfriend, and cheated on Michelle with his ex during the first year of their relationship.

His past is revealed in the 1,078-page biography Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, to be published on May 9.

read more at http://www.eutimes.net/2017/05/obama-did-cocaine-was-gay-and-cheated-on-his-wife-according-to-new-biography/

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By Rowan Scarborough – The Washington Times – Thursday, May 4, 2017

His military resume to become the next Army secretary appears impeccable, but his conservative Christian beliefs have rallied the gay rights movement and its Democratic supporters to defeat the soldier-businessman-politician.

This week, a group of 11 House Republicans entered the battle on the side of combat veteran Mark E. Green, sending an endorsement letter to Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain, Arizona Republican.

read further at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/may/4/christians-lawmakers-rally-behind-mark-e-greens-bi/

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Andy Jackson’s Populism

It started with a hatred of crony capitalism.
By Robert W. MerryMay 3, 2017
Andrew Jackson, the seventh president, doesn’t get much respect these days. The Obama administration last year announced unceremoniously that the Treasury Department would rip his visage from the face of the $20 bill, where it has resided since 1928. A New York Times writer, in reporting that action, referred to him as “a white man known as much for his persecution of Native Americans as for his war heroics and his advocacy for the common man.” A recent C-SPAN poll of historians on presidential performance had Jackson ranked at No. 18, a five-notch drop since a previous C-SPAN poll just a few years ago. Indeed, when the first such poll of academics was published in Life magazine in 1948, Old Hickory ranked up there at No. 6, and a 1996 poll had him at No. 5. He was considered one of the greats or at least near-greats. But no more. Such are the vagaries of presidential reputation in an era of political correctness.

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Corbett Report – Obama Fat Cat Speech,  Trump Campaign Chair Arrest, and Engineer Free Speech Fine

maxresdefault.jpg Trump Campaign Chair Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking – #NewWorldNextWeek
Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source i…

link if video fails to embed https://youtu.be/KuU1luqCJGw

Stories include:

Story #1: Obama’s $400,000 Cantor Speech Makes Him Wall Street’s Newest Fat Cat

Story #2: Fmr. Trump Campaign Chair Just Arrested for Child Sex Trafficking — During the Campaign

Story #3: Man Fined $500 for Crime Of Writing ‘I Am An Engineer’ In An Email To Oregon Government

read further at https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-1271-new-world-next-week-with-james-evan-pilato/

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