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Paul arrives in NH with good news and bad news…

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul came directly to New Hampshire from Capitol Hill on Friday with good news and bad news.

“The good news is your government is open,” the Republican presidential candidate told members of the Greater Derry-Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.

“The bad news is your government is open.”

Examples of the Abuse of Your Taxpayer Dollar

Think about the means by which a business prepares its budget. Each business unit submits its operational plans and budget for the next year to management. Unit leaders must document and defend their rationale for each request. The budget is approved through due process which balances the needs of each business unit. Following approval, the business unit undergoes monthly or quarterly budget reviews to track performance. As the year comes to an end, this purview provides a foremost tool for gauging the performance of unit managers…

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EX-IM Bank Reauthorization: Crony Capitalism or National Security?

Several years ago Ron Paul warned us of this matter (link via my good friend J Bradley Jansen and you can see his remarks here: Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights » Rep. Ron Paul’s Statement on H.R. 1370 Reauthorizing the Export Import Bank (1997). In this report, Ron Paul says, “H.R. 1370, reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, should be rejected for several reasons. The claim to constitutionality is dubious. The Bank rewards special interest groups with political favors. Reallocating money from the job-producing, productive sectors of the economy to the less efficient sectors distorts credit allocation. Reauthorization of the Bank is both bad economics and bad politics.”

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Editorial | Inching Toward a Commercial Weather Policy

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Government policymaking in an ideal world is proactive, but more often than not it is reactive or, as in the case of companies seeking to commercialize weather data collected via satellite, a muddle of the two.

Thanks in part to prodding from Congress, in particular Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.), the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently released a draft Commercial Space Policy that lays out some of the terms and conditions under which it will buy data from these companies.

With one of the aspiring commercial weather data providers, San Francisco-based Spire, on the cusp of launching sizable numbers of cubesats able to derive weather information by measuring atmospheric distortion of GPS signals, the NOAA policy document comes not a moment too soon.

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The Choir Needs to Get out of the Loft and Wrangle Some Gorillas

Some have said that I’m preaching to the choir. I know that, BUT – The choir has got to get out of the loft and deal with the gigantic “gorillas” in the middle of the sanctuary.

Special thanks to Rex Morache for both the art and the composite of these thoughts.  Rex is in Texas now but we met first while he was in California.  He is an extremely talented graphic artist and you can see some of his work online via flickr here and many of the book covers via Scribd here.

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The Senate Transparancy Conundrum

Jason Murphey HD31Regular readers of the state’s appropriations bill were greeted by something new as they opened this year’s version of the venerable legislation.

Historically, the bill has contained a section-by-section narrative detailing the assignment, or transfer, of dollars to the many government agencies and programs. This document, often confused with the state budget, assigns about 7 billion of the approximate 17.5 billion spent by state government.

In reality, only about 30% of state government spend goes through the legislative process. What about the other 10 billion of spend?

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It Feels Like We Are Working for a Startup

I knew the concern was legitimate, but believed the benefit from doing the right thing would outweigh the downside — as it always does.The detractors to Oklahoma’s state government information technology unification may have been willing to concede that a private business would never silo itself into many different IT departments as the state had done; and, that the consultant’s report sho…

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