Finding Gems and Sharing Them

Joy in this life time, utterly free
More than the world gives, beyond what you see
For nations its time to rise their hope is in Jesus Christ
If the giants come, just hold on, the advantage is now on your side
Jesus, will take the final fight

Washington County: Operation Clean House — Public Service Announcement — This is an annual countywide recycling event and is scheduled for Saturday, April 16, 2011 from 8AM to 2PM. See flyer for details posted by Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems & Sharing Them via The other side of the flyer lists what you can bring, what you cannot bring, where to take the items and who is sponsoring the event. Be safe my friends and do your part to help keep our city clean and safe for everyone!

Some signs for people who don’t have guns to post on their homes and businesses. Sadly public schools are very unsafe because of bad policies and loony leftwing liberal logic or the lack thereof. Would love to add to my collection of graphics; special thanks to Porter Davis and Richard Robinson for these two. Posted by Sandra Crosnoe on Finding Gems & Sharing Them — April 5 2011

Happy Pi Day Everyone (3.14) get it? Here is how some math classes celebrate and don’t miss the pi song — it will hang in your brain for sure! Think I’ll go have a piece of pie now just to celebrate the day.