Finding Gems and Sharing Them

Happy Pi Day Everyone (3.14) get it? Here is how some math classes celebrate and don’t miss the pi song — it will hang in your brain for sure! Think I’ll go have a piece of pie now just to celebrate the day.

There are 3 government elections in all 23 precincts in Washington County on February 8. Three school districts have school board elections: Copan, Skiatook and Tri-County Technology Center. Please open the attached file called “Washington County”; it is the summary of the candidates in these elections. The summary includes the name of each candidate, the office they are running for, their phone number and e-mail address (if they have an e-mail address). The Washington County Election Board phone number is 918-337-2850.

The passage indicates that the people were burdened with the law and wept until Nehemiah preached the word. They saw that if they would follow the Lord and act upon his Word an amazing transformation of their spirit would occur. The transformation worked out in their lives and became an understanding that truly His joy IS my strength. In another place in scripture it says that His strength is made perfect in my weakness; possibly it is that in moments of our personal weakness, we catch a little glimpse of His divine majesty and provision for us.