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Oklahoma Freedom Action Alerts  -- Let's Get Ready to Rumble -- Or at Least Let Our Voices be Heard!

The rules that govern our State Legislature stifle the concept of a representative government. Any bill can be stopped from even being considered by a single person without any explanation. Any bill can be stopped by the Speaker of the House, Pro Tem of the Senate, or assigned Committee Chairman.

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UPDATE: Piers Morgan Act and upcoming session

UPDATE: Piers Morgan Act and upcoming session
Many people have asked for an update regarding the “Piers Morgan Act”. Fortunately, the bill helped to accomplish the goal of emphasizing the changes needed in Oklahoma to better protect our rights to self-defense as protected by the 2nd Amendment. Unfortunately, there are some in the Senate that believe our current gun laws are “good enough like they are”. It is due to this attitude that one committee chairman has been refused to grant hearings to almost every bill dealing with …

Last week I wrote about the national recognition provided to one of Oklahoma’s successful information technology projects. It’s important to note that this is just one of numerous successful ongoing IT projects which are making Oklahoma government more…

OKLAHOMA CITY – According to a report released this week, Oklahoma state government leads the nation in opening up government data to public purview. The report, produced by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Data Innovation, ranks Oklahoma as one of the top six top scoring states for its open data policies.Specifically, the report cites two pieces of legislation – House Bill 1086, enacte…

Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Survives for Another Year

jason-photoImagine owning a business and entering into a contract with a vendor. As you prepare to sign the contract, the vendor puts forward one final stipulation. He wants you to hire an employee with the sole mission of perpetually negotiating with you to change the terms of the contract to better favor the vendor. You will essentially be paying someone to negotiate on behalf of your counterparty. This…

Common Core Repealed Question MarkAs you probably know in late June a lawsuit was filed with the Oklahoma Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of House Bill 3399 which scrapped Common Core in Oklahoma.

The petitioners in this lawsuit include parents, teachers, and members of the state board of education (Ford, Baxter and Keating).

I find this lawsuit to be one of the most blatant examples of two-faced behavior I have ever seen.

The petitioners claim that “HB 3399 allows the Legislature to encroach on the authority granted to the Board in the Oklahoma Constitution – to supervise instruction in public schools – by giving the Legislature exclusive authority to rewrite and approve the State’s subject matter standards for instruction in public schools.”

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Oklahoma:  Lankford Voting Record is Really Bad – Barely Passing – Not Warranting a Promotion

Don’t get me wrong, I personally like James Lankford.  I suspect he was a very good Christian camp director.  His politics certainly do not match mine nor I dare say any real conservative in the state of Oklahoma.  He doesn’t even get close to articulating a limited government, constitutional philosophy.  So if you were looking for another Dr. No. then I suggest you keep looking.

Let’s take a look at his bad votes over recent years and how he rates with one of the best ‘graders’ in the nation – the JBS.  I love the reports in the New American and the fact that it is online too.  You can review a complete summary of James Lankford’s votes on the Freedom Index. Continue reading