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Conservative Performance Index - OK Senate

Following up on my Republican District Rating system, this post compares each legislator’s conservative score to their district rating, to add up their Conservative Performance Index.The conservative rating (‘CR’ in the spreadsheet) I used is an averag…

Conservative Performance Index - OK House

Following up on my Republican District Rating system, this post compares each legislator’s conservative score to their district rating, to add up their Conservative Performance Index.The conservative rating (‘CR’ in the spreadsheet) I used is an averag…

MVP: Lt. Gov. Lamb finishes 105th fundraiser for legislative candidates

Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb with SD1 GOP nominee Micheal Bergstrom and supporters
With an event today for Micheal Bergstrom, GOP nominee in Senate District 1, Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb has now done 105 fundraisers for Republican legislative candidates since taking office.

In the last three weeks, Lamb has also done events for State Rep. Tommy Hardin (HD49), Scott McEachin (HD67), Tammy West (HD84), Dave Rader (SD39), State Rep. Elise Hall (HD100), State Sen. Joseph Silk (SD5), and Dell Kerbs (HD26).

The most traveled of Oklahoma’s statewide elected officials, Lamb is also in the midst of his 7th 77-county tour (actual events in each county, not simply driving through).

Lamb has likely helped Oklahoma Republican candidates raise hundreds of thousands of dollars (if each fundraiser averaged just $2,000 – a fairly low amount – the total would be over $200,000). I applaud his dedication in helping Republican candidates across the entire state. I doubt any other Oklahoma Republican elected official has done put forth as much effort as this.

OK2A gives State Sen. Joseph Silk top award

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association To Present Top Legislative Award to State Senator Joseph Silk at Heritage House Reception in Antlers

(10/19/2016) – Don Spencer, President of Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, will present the Minuteman Legislator of the Year Award to State Senator Joseph Silk (R-Broken Bow) at an event to be held in Silk’s honor. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend the event, which will be at 4pm on Monday, October 24th at Heritage House, located at 610 SW D St in Antlers.

Don Spencer stated, “Senator Joseph Silk is a standout in the State Senate, tirelessly and stalwartly defending our 2nd Amendment rights and private property rights. Senator Silk was the Senate author for HJR1009 to update the state constitution to read to “The right to keep and bear arms …shall not be infringed.” This was OK2A’s premiere bill for the 2015 and 2016 session. He was senate author of multiple pieces of legislation to protect rights, from HB2936 which protects landowners from unjust condemnation to HB2637, the Oklahoma Hunting Freedom Act. State Senator Silk is a leader who has demonstrated strongly his commitment to upholding constitutional freedoms.”

The award is given to the legislator who “aggressively defends the God-given right of the individual to self-preservation and who advances significant legislation to restore the Second Amendment right of the individual to keep and bear arms.” In 2016, that award goes to State Senator Joseph Silk (R-Broken Bow).

Solid red Utah going for -- Evan McMullin?  Who is He?  See Latest Polls...

Utah has gone Republican in every presidential election since 1968. In the last four elections, the GOP nominee received 72.62% (2012), 62.24% (2008), 71.5% (2004), and 66.8% (2000). In 2012 and 2004, no state had a higher percentage for the Republican candidate. In 2008 and 2000, Utah was third on the list of reddest states.

Thanks to a homegrown conservative Independent candidate, that may be about to change.

A native of Utah and a graduate of BYU, Evan McMullin spent 10 years in the CIA (2001-2011, including overseas service in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. In 2013, McMullin joined the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs as a senior advisor and in 2015 became the chief policy director of the House Republican Conference, resigning shortly before he announced his presidential campaign on August 8th of this year.

Positioning himself as a principled conservative, McMullin is primarily appealing to conservatives and younger voters. His running mate is Mindy Finn, a tech expert who has worked on numerous Republican campaigns and served as a staffer for Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX). McMullin is 40, and Finn is 35, making the ticket perhaps the youngest in history.

Gun Owners of America endorses Steven McGowen in HD1

Steven McGowen, Candidate for State Representative, Earns Gun Owners of America Endorsement And NRA ‘AQ’ Rating

(Idabel, OK, 10/19/2016) — Steven McGowen, candidate for Oklahoma’s House of Representatives, has earned the endorsement of Gun Owners of America, a national gun rights group committed to defeating restrictive gun legislation and politicians who are working to disarm the population. Gun Owners of America endorses the pro-gun candidate in a race who agrees that the 2nd Amendment truly is a right that ‘shall not be infringed’ – exactly as the Constitution intends. In addition, McGowen was awarded the ‘AQ’ pro-gun rights rating from the NRA.

Steven McGowen is pleased to be chosen to receive the Gun Owners of America endorsement, outperforming the incumbent Democrat legislator, Johnny Tadlock.

McGowen notes, “I’m not just a gun advocate on paper; I understand the inherent right in our U.S. Constitution that the right to Keep and Bear Arms should not be restricted. When I served in the military, I fought to uphold our Constitution. You can depend on me to continue that fight as your Representative in the State Legislature, to make sure that that right, and every right guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, is upheld and protected.”

Steven McGowen, son of Earl and Sue McGowen, was raised in McCurtain County, where his great, great grandfather’s family settled as sharecroppers just after the Civil War. McGowen is a veteran of both the U.S. Army and then service in the National Guard, a former law enforcement officer, and currently a healthcare professional at the local McCurtain County hospital in Idabel. McGowen runs a cow/calf ranch in Garvin with his father.

To learn more about Steven McGowen and his candidacy for State Representative, visit www.StevenMcGowen.com.

SQ777: information on 'Right to Farm'

On November 8th, Oklahoma voters will be voting on seven state questions. SQ777, also known as the Oklahoma Right to Farm Amendment, is one of the more prominent constitutional amendments on the ballot.

In the next week or two, I will be posting two exclusive columns, one in favor of SQ777 (written by a farmer from Major County), and one in opposition to SQ777 (written by a rancher in Cimarron County). Both grew up on family farms or ranches, and continue to work in farming or ranching after marriage.

Here is the language on the ballot:

This measure adds Section 38 to Article II of the Oklahoma Constitution. The new Section creates state constitutional rights. It creates the following guaranteed rights to engage in farming and ranching:

• The right to make use of agricultural technology,
• The right to make use of livestock procedures, and
• The right to make use of ranching practices.

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