R3publicans/Paul Craig Roberts: “The world will not survive the American neoconservatives’ doctrine of US world hegemony ”

The Nuclear Posture Review.

by Alex ChristoforouAlex Christoforou February 4, 2018

According to Zerohedge, the Trump administration will continue much of the Obama administration’s nuclear weapons policy – with the addition of a much more aggressive stance towards Russia, according to the results of a year-long, 74-page “Nuclear Posture Review” (NPR) conducted by the Department of Defense.

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R3publicans:  This is What Censorship Looks Like – Freedom or Censorship (Part3)

In this third part of this three part series explains that hiding real information from the American people is now commonplace. So this is the second side of the coin explaining that our government can deceive us only allowing information from main stream media to get through to the common man.

Video from Sara Westall:

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MuskogeePolitico:  Fallin's budget shows NO FY2019 budget shortfall

An interesting note from page 15 of Governor Fallin’s FY2019 Executive Budget proposal:As the overall economy has improved, the “sky is falling!” projections of a massive, multi-hundred million dollar budget shortfall have lessened and lessened, with G…

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MuskogeePolitico:  Rep. Hardin Comments on ‘Step Up Oklahoma’ Plan

Rep. Hardin Comments on ‘Step Up Oklahoma’ Plan

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Tommy Hardin, R-Madill, issued the following statement today ahead of expected votes on the revenue portion of the Step Up Oklahoma plan. The proposal, endorsed by the State Chamber an…

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R3publicans:  ‘News directly from the CIA’ -- Ex-director Brennan hired by NBC (Part2)

In this second part of this three part series explains that deceiving the American people has been legalized. So this is the first side of the coin explaining that our government can deceive us through the paid for main stream media.

Below is the beginning of the article from RT.

Former CIA Director John Brennan has been hired as a paid contributor by NBC and MSNBC, the media company announced. He led the agency from 2013 to early 2017, under President Barack Obama.

Brennan’s appointment comes amid the outcry over the memorandum released by House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-California) alleging impropriety by the FBI and DOJ while investigating claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

That Brennan previously lied to an NBC journalist about the CIA’s attempts to thwart a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the agency’s use of torture was apparently no deterrent to his appointment.

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additional link of interest regarding ex FBI agent landing at CNN: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/02/05/ex-fbi-agent-lands-at-cnn-after-blaming-bureau-departure-on-political-attacks.html

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