Sooner Politics:  County Commissioners Decry State Confiscation Of County Road Funds

Can a legislature declare  take money retroactively from what a previous legislature appropriated? Can a legislator declare a retroactive tax hike on money we each earned 4 years ago?  Those are some analogies being floated by several county governments.  Just last week we heard several legislators characterize future wind industry credits as “breaching a contract with corporate partners”.  In the past few years our county governments have had funds appropriated to them for i […]

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Sooner Politics:  Stitt Now Opposes OTU's Veto Referendum of Massive New Taxes

Less than 24 hours after Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite(OTU) legally began the process of blocking the state’s largest tax increase in state history(HB1010xx), a candidate for governor who inaccurately claimed to be the group’s 1st pledged candidate, now says he will vote to implement the new taxes.  Tulsa businessman-turned-politician, Kevin Stitt, told KFAQ’s Pat Campbell Show that he wants the referendum to fail. He said something to the effect of; “I’m not going to vote to repeal it because…

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Sooner Politics:  Tax Hike Could Be Blocked - OTU Begins Gathering Signatures

  A little known and even less utilized constitutional right of Oklahomans is the ability to override a governor’s veto. Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite is now securing signatures of registered voters, so that the citizens can hold a vote on the recently-signed largest tax increase in the state’s history.  The State Treasurer’s economic forecast indicated that the budget anticipates a huge cash reserve of unspent currently collected tax revenue.  OTU will need about 41,000 valid…

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R3publicans:  Is Trump “colluding” with Mueller?

Is Mueller really a “white hat” investigating the “Deep State” and not actually investigating Donald Trump? If you listen to the Main Stream Media the are salivating over the possibility that Mueller may indict Trump. If you listen to the Democrats, they are hoping that a Trump indictment can be a reason to impeach. If you listen to the Republicans, they are weary of the false Trump/Russian collusion narrative and want it to be over, and they blame Mueller. Well what if Mueller is actually working to help Trump fulfill his promise to Drain The Swamp? Listen to David Zublick make a case that Mueller is doing just that.

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  Today the chairman of the Oklahoma Ethics Commission lashed out at the legislature for cutting the Ethics Commission budget during an economic recovery year.  In the past decade the State Auditor’s department has been cut about 40%, under the same sort of  turf wars with the legislature & governor. “I am appalled,” the Ethics Commission chairman, John C. Hawkins, wrote in an email sent Sunday to state senators and House members. “The retaliation […]

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Liberty on Tap:  May Gathering (Tulsa Area)

Join us as we discuss the regressive left… the new hotness in 21st-century fascism.

Michael Wieland will lead the discussion that will center around identifying existing and potential friction points in American politics and Western culture and what it means to individual liberty.


Thursday, May 3rd at 6 pm
Please join us in the private dining room.

Albert G’s BBQ
421 E 1ST ST
(1st & Elgin)
Tulsa, OK

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OK2A:  Facts About SB1212

Currently, there are 13 constitutional carry states that Oklahoma recognizes for reciprocity — that’s 25% of the states in the United States. Where is all the crime in these states? When a resident of one of those states comes to Oklahoma, under current Oklahoma law, a person can legally carry in Oklahoma without permission from the Oklahoma government. SB1212 simply extends that same right to Oklahoma residents without enforcing a tax to exercise a Constitutional right.

SB1212 is not a controversial gun bill — it’s a constitutional gun bill. When legislators cast a YES vote on SB1212, they are reaffirming their oath of office and restoring a Constitutional right to their constituents and to the citizens of Oklahoma.

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Rep Jason Murphey's Farewell Address To Constituents

Thank You! I Will Always Remember ​Article Number 585:  04.28.2018  585 weeks ago, as the 2007 legislative session commenced, I wrote the first in this series of articles. This week, the 2018 legislative session ends. It’s my last regular session as your state representative, and this will be the last in this series of articles.  Please do know that I have not taken for granted the many kindnesses that you have provided to me over the past twelv […]

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