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(Jenese’s words are still in blue, and Rick’s are still in black.)

The complimentary breakfast at the Hotel Apollo was a step down from the buffet we enjoyed at the Hotel Princess Flora, but was still quite satisfying.  It consisted of scrambled eggs, (processed) ham slices, cheese slices, yogurt, honey, tea, and coffee — all enjoyed with the ambiance that comes from 80’s rock music pumped through the recessed speakers in the ceiling.  I also noticed there were no persnickety waiters.

This was our most typical tourist day.  Although the Acropolis was within eyesight of the hotel, we took the metro to the Acropolis stop, knowing that our day would be filled with walking.  (Don’t worry, blog fans.  We’re gonna make up for that indulgence on Day Eight.  Trust me.)  We emerged from the metro on the southeast end of the Acropolis hill.  We walked westward along a wide, cobblestone pedestrian avenue, not knowing the location of the entrance and ticket booth.  From somewhere on our left, we could hear chanting from a Sunday morning Greek Orthodox service.

Nearing the west end of the foot of the Acropolis, we followed a trickle of tourists heading up some steps into a wooded park.  At the top of the steps, the trickle became a throng.  Our blind wandering had taken us to the ticket booth.

We purchased all-inclusive tickets, which provide admittance to a number of the archaeological sites in Athens, and proceeded to the entrance.  People were streaming in, but we had arrived early enough so that there was no line.

We had with us a borrowed iPhone on which I had uploaded free audio guides by Rick Steves.  I started the one for the Acropolis.  I had also brought my Sony MP3 player, thinking one of us could listen to it while the other listened to the iPhone, but it turned out that my MP3 player is so ancient that it would not play the audio format of the podcast.  So, we relied solely on the iPhone with the speaker on and the volume maxed out.  This garnered a lot of looks from other tourists, but Rick Steves wasn’t as loud as all the tour guides who were scattered about.

Rand Paul for President: 2016

For Republicans, there is a silver lining to the re-election of Barack Obama.  The door is now open for real change in 2016.  The recently adopted Romney Rules at the RNC, which would have locked out any true democratic participation and guaranteed eight more years of GOP establishment, top-down, Brahman-style, domination, are now moot.  The […]

U.S. and Mexico Sign Border 2020 Plan

OK-SAFE, Inc. – NASCO’s (North America’s SuperCorridor Coaltion) latest  newsletter included this article about a bi-national agreement dealing with the 2,000 mile U.S.-Mexico border. Called Border 2020, this agreement was signed on August 8, 2012 and builds on the EPA’s Border 2012 Plan. The Border 2020 Mission Statement reads: “MISSION STATEMENT As a result of […]

Mirroring the Republican party was the watchword in 2007. Fast forward to 2012 and on the road to Tampa — It is time for us to be the Republican Party and make sure our principles move forward, our people are elected, and our policies are implemented into action. Look how far we have come and press on. We are building the base now and will continue to do so step by step.

OKGrassroots Policy Summary


Restore limited government in pursuance of the principles in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, according to their original meaning
Inform ourselves and others, motivate, and activate more people
Network with others of like minds to maximize effectiveness

What is Technocracy?

OK-SAFE, Inc. -What is Technocracy? Technocracy is the concept of government by technicians, i.e. scientists and engineers, who would oversee and administrate  government and the economy. The framework for a North American Technate (an institutionalized and operational technocracy) was formulated in the early twentieth century by an influential group called Technocracy Incorporated.  This group eventually […]