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Note: Even if you don’t live in Nebraska, you are likely to find this article of interest. In fact, we would ask you to read it and see if you notice similar phenomena in your area. If so, we encourage you to leave comment (see bottom). A few weeks ago, Linda told me she wanted […]

Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution 2012      September’s meeting will feature Jim Bridenstine who is considering a run for Oklahoma’s first Congressional District. Jim is a pilot for the US Navy Reserves and Executive Director …

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the individual mandate called for in the controversial Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka “Obama Care”, passed in March 2010.  (Read full opinion here.) OK Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s reaction to this decision is noted below the AP announcement. From the Associated Press,  8/12/11: “Appeals […]

OK-SAFE, Inc. Reporting – 8-1-2011, [#2 in a series of 3 covering the U.S.-China 2011 Trade, Culture & Education Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 14-17, 2011.] Excerpt: “Ladies and gentlemen, through this historic conference, new frontiers and new relationships will be forged in renewable energy, green technologies, information technologies, bio- and life- sciences, […]

  Certainly many Nebraskans have heard about the $130,000 in Federal “Stimulus” dollars which were used to purchase “diversity manuals” by Omaha Public Schools for all 8,000 of its employees (including the custodians). For those who didn’t catch the story in local media, ample opportunities abounded via many media outlets nationally, both online and off. […]