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OCPAC & Michener's Musings: Candidates, State Questions, Judges

“Charlie’s Picks,” now “Michener’s Musings,” General Election Nov. 8.  Over thirty years ago, friends of Charlie Meadows, founder of OCPAC, began asking him for his opinions on issues and candidates.  Eventually the number of inquiries became so great that he began sending a mass email before each election which he called “Charlie’s Picks.”  When Charlie retired as the President of OCPAC in March 2015, the duties of weekly commentary and election advice transferred to me, John Michener.  To avoid confusion over authorship, we have decided that future election opinions, picks, and endorsements of OCPAC will be published under the heading “Michener’s Musings.”

You have our permission to forward these picks as far as you like.  If you have received these picks by forward, please join our Facebook group to receive regular updates, or send us an email at to be added to our email distribution list.  We generally send only one update per week, and we will not share your email address with anyone.  To become an official member, join OCPAC today.

The following advice represents the opinion of the current OCPAC President and a majority of OCPAC’s leadership Board.  Our recommendations will be organized into five major sections:  1) U.S. Races, 2) State Questions, 3) Judging Justices & Judges, 4) Oklahoma Senate Races, and 5) Oklahoma House of Representatives Races.  In each race we have endorsed a candidate, picked a candidate, or leave it at “your choice.”  Here is what those designations mean:

Endorsed.  Candidates who are endorsed by OCPAC have received our seal of approval.  You can rest assured that their values align with OCPAC values.  They have completed our survey and appeared in person before our PAC for a grueling interview.  Based on this vetting process, we believe they understand the proper role of limited government.  They believe in the superiority of free markets over state-guided economic development, even in areas such as education and health care.  They understand the duty of the state to defend its citizens against the oppression of the federal government.  They believe we should not sanction, institutionalize, or encourage evil and depraved behavior, even if the federal government has done so.

OCPAC endorsed candidates include:  Jim Bridenstine, Matt Jackson, Tom Gann, Molly McKay, Kevin McDugle, Kyle Hilbert, Joe Newhouse, Scott McEachin, Tess Teague, Joseph Silk, Nathan Dahm, Chuck Strohm, David Brumbaugh, Travis Dunlap, Steven McGowen, and Jason Murphey.

PICKED.  Some candidates we simply pick.  This typically means the candidate agrees with us on certain key issues of high importance which would make that candidate more preferable than the alternatives.  We will attempt to explain a little about each pick.

CATO: Oklahoma Ranks 2nd In Freedom

​The message of freedom has been religated to ambiguity by an ever-increasing growth in government. We so often exchange our freedom for a vage promis of security or increased convenience. This is demonstrated by misnamed legislation like “the patriot act” or “affordable care act”/Ben Franklin once wisely said;”Those who would exchange essentialfreedom for temporary security,deserve neither freedom nor security.”The 2016 edi […]

Killing Tulsa's 'Black Wall Street'

  The once thriving district of downtown Tulsa known as “Black Wall Street” has long ago turned into a rundown warehouse district. Recent efforts to return it to it’s glory days have included massive infusions of government money. But federal, state, and local governments long ago turned their backs on the economic promise of Greenwood Avenue and the many entrepreneurs of Oklahoma’s black communities.​  Now, Salon […]

Some Thoughts on Oklahoma State Questions on the General Election Ballot 2016

In summary, I recommend the following votes on state questions on the ballot for the general election in November 2016:
SQ776 Yes, SQ 777 No, SQ 779 No, SQ 780 Yes, SQ 781 No, SQ 790 Yes, SQ 792 Yes. Read more to find out why.

I will be adding additional reference links on state questions for a few days — so please check back if this is of interest to you! Next up some thoughts on judicial retentions…

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Some Thoughts on Oklahoma State Questions on the General Election Ballot 2016

Next up some thoughts on judicial retentions

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf’s Last Stand

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf resigned on Wednesday and Elizabeth Warren finally got the scalp she wanted. Bank employees opened about two million unauthorized customer accounts on Chairman Stumpf’s watch. The scam led to bonuses for the employees and extra fees and overdraft charges for the unsuspecting customers. Stumpf will get no severance package and he has  forfeited $41 million in

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Senate may give Planned Parenthood Zika funding in new Continuing Resolution

GOP Aide: Senate Republicans’ Budget Bill Opens up 
Possible Zika Funding for Planned Parenthood
Dustin Siggins,

A GOP Senate Appropriations Committee aide has confirmed to The Stream that Republicans will allow Planned Parenthood to “apply for reimbursements” under new Zika prevention funding proposed by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

On Thursday, the Republican-controlled committee released a Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep the federal government’s operations funded until December 9. Federal funding is currently approved through September 30, after which discretionary operations of the government would shut down. In addition to funding the federal government, the CR bill provides $500 million for emergency flood assistance in several states, and provides $1.1 billion to fight the spread of the Zika virus.

OCPA Outlines State Questions on Ballot in November

  This November, Oklahoma voters will see a set of questions on the ballots. These are your opportunity to not only create or change Oklahoma laws, but also to do so with the power of mandating that the Oklahoma Supreme Court use our collective decisions as a precedent in deciding future constitutional matters which come before them.  Not every state has this power reserved to the people. Oklahoma does. It’s one of […]