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Cleveland County GOP Chair Blasts Fake Republicans (video link updated)

  At the Cleveland County GOP convention, today; Chairman Dave Spaulding chastized several of the party’s state and local leaders for failing to govern by the principles of the party and their campaign promises. It was obvious that the local state senator, Anthony Sykes was a clear target of the outgoing chairman’s stern rebuke. Civil Asset forfeiture was condemned from the podium, and Spaulding went further to repremand […]

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We Are Seriously Not Having the Right Conversation!  It is the Spending Stupid…

Color me livid. We have lost before we even get started if we don’t correct this matter.

Let me see if I can show you how this game actually works.

Case 1: I say lets cut taxes 20% and you come back with how about 10% and we settle on 15%. You think you won because we cut taxes a little. Spending wasn’t reduced one iota in this scenario! The revenue will have to be raised somehow by this generation or the next.

Amount saved 0%

Case 2: What if the opening gambit had been let’s cut spending 20% and you come back with how about 10% and we settle on 15%. In this scenario we both won and spending was actually reduced a little right here and now.

Amount saved 15%

Do you see the difference? Please think about it. Please shift the conversation. Talking about taxes is a trap and you loose no matter what the compromise position is.

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Asset Forfeiture: Capitol Protest Planned

  Imagine how much sooner the Revolutionary War would have been fought if colonists had suffered the tyranny of Civil Asset Forfeiture?The practice of asset forfeiture was first instituted as an anti-piracy initiative on the high seas where no controlling legal authority existed, yet open pillaging was epidemic.  Today, the real pirates are wearing badges, or operating as officers of our state & federal courts. But u […]

George Soros Dirty Dozen - Twelve Rino Republicans on his Payroll


Most of us know that politics in America are corrupt. It’s estimated that less than five hundred families contribute about sixty percent (60%) of the campaign contributions. One of the most powerful political financiers in American Politics today is George Soros. He is well known for assisting the Democratic Party and their causes. We’ve always suspected he supported some left of center Republicans but were never able to prove it until now. Some of the names you’ll see will absolutely disgust you. There are even some former Republican Presidential contenders included in the list. Some of these people are fighting President Trump on every move he makes. They do not deserve to be in the office the hold….

​  If you’re confused by social security disability forms, you might lose your gun rights. The Obama Administration came up with a reasoning for telling the Social Security Administration to flag any confused senior or applicant for disability benefits, who requests extra assistance with understanding the forms and process; may be to be deemed mentally defective and therefor a serious public safety risk. This order would direct clerical staff at the Social Security Administration to f […]

Laying 'Alfalfa Bill' to Rest

​Loveless Proposes A Constitutional Convention For Oklahoma. ‘Alfala’ Bill Murray, Will Rogers, and other influential leaders, in Oklahoma Territory discuss a constitution. Senator Kyle Loveless   One of the more principled statesmen in the legislature, Sen. Kyle Loveless, recently recounted his efforts to keep the legislature in compliance with the Oklahoma Constitution.  He said; “I knocked on the doors of each […]