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Game Wardens Ignoring 4th Amendment

  Senator Nathan Dahm has revealed the wholesale disregard of the Oklahoma Game Wardens for Constitutional Rights of privacy. Farmers, ranchers, and other rural citizens are now being subjected to indiscriminate searches, surveys, photographic and video recording, and other forms of disrespect for the agri-business, and rural citizens. They can even let loose their “police dogs” on a farm. Ranchers’ kids can find themselves u […]

Death of a Veteran but where are the Criminal Charges?
By the Watchman
  We in this nation are fully aware of the mistreatment of our Veterans that have been going on for the last few years. These tales of not being able to get in to see a doctor too late to cure an illness have often ended in the death of an individual far before his or her time was due. We’ve always blamed it on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. It was logical because that was where the whistle blowers were coming from. Oklahoma’s news channels failed to report on the local delays in getting appointments. They didn’t want to upset the citizens of the state.
  What if you were to find out that there has been a death due to neglect by a state agency? What would be your reaction? We ask that for one simple reason. The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs runs several facilities in our state and they are failing those that need the care. The list of the facilities the run is found here Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs. The facility in question is in Talihina. The care this Veteran received harkens back to the treatments given to the wounded in the dark ages.
  What brought our attention to this story was this article A horrifying death at an Oklahoma VA hospital may lead to criminal charges for neglect – Rare. You need to open this link and read it, but only if you have a strong stomach. What has happened here is criminal. How in the world can medical staff allow an injured person to remain with the same bandages on a wound long enough for maggots to develop in the wound? This is criminal abuse of the elderly and a blatant misrepresentation of their qualifications to perform the duties they were hired to do.

By the Watchman
What is it about educated people that they seem to lack the one vital element that truly makes them intelligent? That one element is common sense. In all appearances Senator Yen is ignoring the medical evidence out there in favor of lobbying for the vaccine industry. It appears that he has taken up his effort to force vaccinations on children in the State of Oklahoma once again in the upcoming legislative session. In case you haven’t noticed Senator, there are far graver problems to address this year than placing our children under the communist rule of vaccination.
As is our custom we began our research by going to his home page at here Oklahoma State Senate – Senators. As is common with the Senators in Oklahoma, they give you as little information as possible. We do know that he was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1954. We do recognize the politically harrowing times between Taiwan and China that existed at those times and we fully understand their legal immigration to the United States while he was a child. He has done well for himself.

The Rollercoaster Ride of A Crony Capitalist Economy

City fathers spent millions to court General Motors to Oklahoma City   If there’s one thing that Oklahoma’s Republican and Democrat politicians have had a love affair with, it’s Crony Capitalism. When governments pragmatically pick winners and losers via the tax code or awarding of contracts, grants, and other preferential treatment; it inevitably leads to a bitter backlash from the small business sector and individual ta […]

The Education Caucus Knows Not What they Do

By the Watchman 

  It didn’t take long to start talking about the State Budget after the election and we are glad that it is. We decided to report on this subject at this time based on this article here From Ken Miller: Oil and gas tax collections edge up in October gross receipts report. For the first time in eighteen months state revenues showed an increase. A very modest increase at best coming in at just over three percent (3.1%). It falls well short of being able to cover the projected $700 million dollar budget shortfall expected this year. Ladies and Gentlemen that comes to a total of right at $2 billion dollars of a shortfall in our budget over two years. A shortfall that we the citizens have to pay for. We ask the newly formed Education Caucus who they propose to sacrifice in order to give their fellow educators the pay raises they deserve and need. With reports of proposals of between $5,000 and $10,000 dollar increases and the serious shortage of funding we are interested in seeing their proposals.
Bridenstine: Trust Trump... to be the better President


The question I was asked to address is: Whom do you trust?

Trust involves seeing a high probability that your expectations will be met, based on a consistent series of behaviors, with a low level of risk or uncertainty.

Someone with a very short track record like Donald Trump, having only been a politician for a year and a half, is harder to predict than Hillary Clinton, who has been an active politician for over 30 years.

I see a very high probability that Hillary Clinton will continue her proven pattern of behavior in pursuing a very liberal, activist agenda supported by the radical left and an unhinged media.