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Socialization Of Homeschoolers

  According to the 2008 study by the Tulsa World newspaper, Oklahoma has thousands more homeschoolers than all the private & parochial schools throughout the state.Eight years ago, the newspaper pored through state data and various statistics to determine there were perhaps 33,000 homeschoolers, compared to about 28,000 children in private education institutions.  The Tapp family lives in the open prairie of the Okla […]

OCPAC announces 2016 legislative awards

From John Michener, President of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC):

On July 13 members of OCPAC debated and then voted on which legislators should receive special awards for their principled policy and leadership.  These legislators will be formally recognized and presented with their awards at the annual OCPAC Awards Banquet on Friday, February 10, 2017.  In most cases the runner-up will also receive an award.  Here are the winners of OCPAC’s 2016 legislative awards:

Senate Legislator of the Year:  Nathan Dahm (R-Broken Arrow).  Sen. Dahm scored a perfect 100 on the Index.  Beyond simply voting the principled way when given the opportunity, he authored and championed many of the bills on and off the Index which supported conservative values.  As Majority Whip, he rallied the other conservatives to each cause and negotiated tirelessly with Senate leadership and less conservative senators to gain support for property rights, States’ rights, gun rights, and the right to life.  This is our most prestigious award in the Senate.

Mike Cantrell: The death of civility

 Oklahoma Oilman, Mike Cantrell provides some prudent reasoning for a stable economic course forward  for the nation. Last May Cantrell stepped up to the plate and gave the Oklahoma legislature a roadmap for scaling back ‘corporate welfare’ to the oil industry, as a means of bringing the state government’s fiscal house in order. By: Mike Cantrell Guest Columnist  The election vitriol has become so intense that a hi […]

State Appointee General Leo J. Baxter Publicly Ridicules Women and Endorses Candidates for Teacher Caucus


Is it ethical for a public official to endorse other candidates while openly mocking and disdaining their opponents using rhetorical language?

OSDE Board members are reimbursed – using tax dollars – for their mileage and expenses while residing on the Board. Is it appropriate for a seated public official being reimbursed with tax dollars to openly mock women – tax-payers – on a personal basis?

Is it fitting for a public official to call a woman – or group of women – personal names? What about mocking sitting legislators?

Should General Baxter still be sitting on the OSDE Board – and even involved with the standards writing procedure at all – if he sued the state of Oklahoma to stop the repeal of Common Core?

And yes there will be a test, the next time you vote!

Read more of this story via OKGrassroots – State Appointee General Leo J. Baxter Publicly Ridicules Women and Endorses Candidates for Teacher Caucus

Secret Service Crushes Free Speech At Conventions

  ​This summer, we have all witnessed the heavy hand of government intervening in the freedom of speech, as the behavior of the Secret Service at both the Republican convention in Cleveland and the Democratic convention in Philadelphia was troubling and unconstitutional.   “The freedom of speech issues arose when the leadership of both conventions got so cozy with the Secret Service that they began using the federal agency as if it were privat […]

GOA:  We Can Defeat One of Obama’s Favorite Senators

Dear Friend,

With so much focus on the presidential election right now, I wanted to make sure you were aware of what’s happening in Colorado.

Darryl Glenn, a great friend of the Second Amendment, surprised the pundits with a resounding win in the Republican primary. 

He was vastly outspent, but what Darryl lacked in money he made up for with grassroots supporters and an all-volunteer campaign staff.  

Now he represents one of the few opportunities to turn a U.S. Senate seat from anti-gun to pro-gun.

And he’s taking on one of Barack Obama’s favorite Senators — Michael Bennet.

Nasty Politics Foretells a Nasty Politician

 By the Watchman
  There are several run off races for party nominations for office in November that are coming up next month. A few of them are some of the alleged Education Caucus against regular citizens running for office and some aren’t. One article has caught our attention because it clearly shows the dangers involved when an ideology gets control of a system. The writer is brave enough to claim “Tulsa area teacher, educational consultant and general inspirer of minds young and old. Everything I say is so wise even I can hardly believe it. Feel free to concur.” You can find that quote on his blog at
  What brought our attention to this particular race was this article.   We get the opinion from the article that he is for the “Education Caucus” candidate. That’s his prerogative and we will defend to the death his right to say so. What we cannot defend is his blatant attempt at smearing a candidate without submitting any actual reference material to substantiate his claim. Doing things like that are the ways of a person who has no real facts to support their claim. His blog is so hateful that it presents an actual danger to his students and raises the question of whether or not he uses this type of material in the classroom.