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Election Results Map: Presidential Race

Continuing with my update to the Election Results Maps series, here is the presidential race.Obviously, Donald Trump crushed it in Oklahoma.Trump’s worst counties and Clinton’s best counties:Oklahoma: Trump 51.69%, Clinton 41.18%, Johnson 7.13%Cle…

Election Results Map: State Question 790

Continuing with my update to the Election Results Maps series, here is State Question 790.The ‘Yes’ vote won only 10 counties (average ‘yes’ vote of 51.56%), all west of I-35 and mainly in the northwest. 61 counties rejected the question (average …

Election Results Map: State Questions 780 & 781

Continuing with my update to the Election Results Maps series, here are State Questions 780 and 781.First, SQ780:31 counties voted in favor (‘yes’ vote average of 55.29%), while 46 voted against (‘yes’ vote average of 43.72%). Support was primaril…

Election Results Map: State Question 779

Continuing with my update to the Election Results Maps series, here is State Question 779.The ‘Yes’ vote won only 8 counties (average ‘yes’ vote of 51.55%), and those very narrowly. 69 counties rejected the measure (average ‘yes’ vote of 38.62%). …

Election Results Map: State Question 777

The 2016 election is over, so it’s time to update my Election Results Maps series. First up, State Question 777.The ‘Yes’ vote won overwhelmingly in western Oklahoma, but lost by large margins in the metropolitan areas. The three worst counties for SQ7…

Ex-legislator Pettigrew tapped to serve on Trump's healthcare reform committee

An Oklahoma insurance professional and former lawmaker will serve on the new committee formed by President-Elect Donald Trump to evaluate change to the nation’s health care system.

Wayne Pettigrew, the owner of Vanguard Benefits Group was contacted by officials with the Trump transitional team on Wednesday. The committee’s first meetings are to begin as early as next week.
Trump has vowed to “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” which is the nation’s law that requires individuals to purchase health care insurance coverage or face tax penalties. The law also has penalties for companies with over 50 employees that fail to offer compliant health insurance coverage.

Pettigrew said that he was honored to be asked to serve on the committee but expects the meetings to be intense. “I’m looking forward to serving but there is a lot of work to be done and a lot to evaluate and not much time before Congress goes back in session in January”, said Pettigrew. The meetings will be held in Washington DC.

Pettigrew is the immediate past president of the Oklahoma Association of Health Underwriters and has had experience in designing health insurance plans for over 30 years.

Pettigrew served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1994 to 2004 and was the author of the state’s Insure Oklahoma law that uses federal matching funds to leverage employer and employee dollars to provide health insurance to lower income employees and individuals. He was a Republican candidate for US Congress in 2012.

All judges retained, but lose at least one county

Oklahoma votes on whether or not to keep judges on the Supreme Court, Court of Civil Appeals, and Court of Criminal Appeals. Never in state history has a judge or justice lost a retention vote, and the lowest statewide percentage a judge got this time …

CMA Strategies celebrates 100% win rate

CMA Strategies Clients Celebrate Big Wins on Election Night

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – The consulting team at CMA Strategies led their clients to election success last night, winning every race they were involved in.

After being involved with the issue for six years, the CMA team helped navigate State Question 792 to victory, resulting in unprecedented modernization to the state’s alcohol laws. CMA was responsible for the campaign’s strategy and messaging, including advocating to voters that passage would ultimately benefit the Oklahoma economy and provide convenience for consumers. CMA was also involved in the legislative effort to get the state question on the ballot. SQ 792 passed with 66% of the vote.

Another CMA Strategies client who came out of election night with a win was the Oklahoma Deserves Better Coalition, the group who advocated against the education sales tax increase. With only weeks to put together a coalition, strategy, message and a team to execute the plan, CMA turned the tables on SQ 779.

In late-September, polls showed the state question easily passing with more than 60% of vote. However, the team at CMA successfully conveyed to voters through an aggressive paid and earned media campaign the holes in the ballot language. The campaign focused on the impact passage would ultimately have on the economy, without helping teachers the way it was promised to. On election night, SQ 779 failed with 59% of the vote.

CMA also worked for the independent expenditure group, the Oklahoma Federation for Children Action Fund, which had a very successful night, electing 14 candidates supportive of school choice to the Oklahoma Legislature, demonstrating the people of Oklahoma overwhelmingly support needed changes to the education system that empower parents to choose the highest quality education for their children.

The Maintain OKC Schools Committee, formed to help pass three bond issues benefitting Oklahoma City Public Schools, also worked with CMA. The campaign focused on the “Yes the Yellow Ballot” message highlighting the need to protect funding for school infrastructure, transportation and technology. Each of the bond issues passed with more than the 60% of the vote required.

Other CMA 2016 general election clients included Congressman Tom Cole, Congressman Mike Pompeo, and the Oklahoma Judicial Information Network. All CMA clients were victorious on election night, leading the firm to a 100% win rate.

CMA Strategies is led by principals Sharon Caldwell and Pat McFerron and associates Matt Ball and Keili McEwen. Alyssa Loza, Mike Gunter and Karla Jackson provide creative and administrative support.

[Last night, the people of Oklahoma have spoken. This summer, Americans for Prosperity began an educational initiative to inform citizens across our state about State Question 779.Thanks to our dedicated staff and grassroots volunteers, our state chapt…