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Tulsa Area Republican Assembly Endorsements for Republican Primary 2016

The Tulsa Area Republican Assembly has made endorsements for the 2016 Republican Primary. These include the following:

Luke Sherman for Tulsa County Sheriff

Nathan Dahm Senate District 33

Amanda Teegarden Senate District 39

Scott McEachin House District 67

Chuck Strohm House District 69

Josh Turley – Michael Willis – Don Newberry in Tulsa County races

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A Conservative — Really?

After many years of following politics and being a active voter and frankly, a citizen activist who actually follows legislation, reads bills, and spends time lobbying my legislators for what I believe in — I am quite amused that here in Oklahoma politicians ALL seem to be running as “Conservative.” I make no apologies for being a Constitutional Conservative, a Fiscal Conservative, and a Social Conservative in my views. The references that I find helpful in forming what I believe are on the nightstand next to my bed. They are the Bible, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, plus an old US History book written before revisionist history was introduced into our schools.

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – A Conservative — Really?

Coburn & Andrzejewski: Why does the IRS need guns?

Why Does the IRS Need Guns?
After grabbing legal power, bureaucrats are amassing firepower. 
It’s time to scale back the federal arsenal.

Special agents at the IRS equipped with AR-15 military-style rifles? Health and Human Services “Special Office of Inspector General Agents” being trained by the Army’s Special Forces contractors? The Department of Veterans Affairs arming 3,700 employees?

The number of non-Defense Department federal officers authorized to make arrests and carry firearms (200,000) now exceeds the number of U.S. Marines (182,000). In its escalating arms and ammo stockpiling, this federal arms race is unlike anything in history. Over the last 20 years, the number of these federal officers with arrest-and-firearm authority has nearly tripled to over 200,000 today, from 74,500 in 1996.

What exactly is the Obama administration up to?

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Freedom Caucus Comes To Tulsa This Monday

​Congressman Jim Bridenstine Announces Freedom Rally: ​  Please join me for a Freedom Rally with the Tulsa Praise Orchestra and my special guests Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio), Rep. Mark Meadows (North Carolina), and other conservatives from the House Freedom Caucus.I’m proud to say that the House Freedom Caucus has helped move Congress in a more conservative direction, and I am excited to have the opportunity to host t […]