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Vaxxed Warning to All Parents!

VAXXED in Tulsa documentary with inside track on dangers of vaccines and linkage to rising rates of autism especially related to early vaccinations with MMR vaccine. Warning — Parents be informed and beware. CDC behavior in the matter is nothing short of criminal. It was certainly not protecting the organization was chartered to protect and those paying their salaries as well! #4life #vaccines with #commonsense

See this film in Tulsa or OKC through June 9th.

More info on (with links for showtimes)

Special thanks to OK4vaxchoice (more great info on their website on topic)

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Vaxxed Warning to All Parents!


Extended to June 16th! VAXXED – from Coverup to Catastrophe - Tickets on Sale NOW in Oklahoma!

Vaxxed in OKC area June 2-9 2016

From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

Oklahoma City and surrounding areas! This film is a must see! Buy before it is sold out!

It’s time to invite friends, family, doctors, teachers, legislators and buy your tickets here!

It’s go time!

Check out the trailer:

OKGrassroots Feature Post – Vaxxed (OKC)

Vaxxed also showing in Tulsa Area June 2-9 2016 details here >>

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Vaxxed — From Cover-up to Catastrophe

Vaxxed flyer promo

Via Liberty on Tap:  So many people worked very hard to bring this movie to Tulsa. Please consider attending and support their hard work. Don’t miss this opportunity! There are powers out there who do not want you to see this movie. This is not an anti vax message but pro-information, pro-education, regarding vaccines and the dark forces involved in this industry.

Coming to Tulsa area

Starworld 20: 10301 S Memorial

June 2nd – 9th 2016 (showtimes expanded to include 2nd)

Showtimes posted here >>>

The film they didn’t want you to see”


OKGrassroots Feature Post – Vaxxed

Governor Vetoes HB3016 -- Recommending a Full Court Press to Override!

We are shocked and disappointed (to say the least) that HB 3016 has been vetoed by Governor Mary Fallin. This should be a wake up call to every Oklahoman that the state does NOT want you to know what is in your child’s vaccines.

Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice joins thousands of parents in asking, “why”?

This is not over! It’s just beginning. Parents will not be censored. Parents call the shots and deserve full, informed consent. Become an official member here:

We’ve done great things! It’s not over! Details to come next week on an override option!

Are you all up for it? More work at the Capitol, more education..heck yeah! I’m in!

Read more and see the incredible double-speak veto from the governor saying she supports it but is vetoing it and we already have it thanks to the feds (which is actually why we need it). Wow just wow I am to angry to comment. Read it for yourself… Source post via OKGrassroots

Liberty on Tap - April Gathering

Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution This month at Liberty on Tap, Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice-PAC will speak on the laws on vaccinations and current/potential legislation in Oklahoma, parental rights, and a bit on vaccine safety and efficacy….