Sandra Crosnoe

Mercedes Benz Ad Graphically Illustrates Left Brain – Right Brain Function While Questioning Are you Free?

This illustration in a Mercedes Benz ad (of all things) really nailed the right-brain/ left-brain functions in this visually exciting illustration! Sandra Crosnoe of Finding Gems & Sharing Them said “Everyone uses both sides of the brain; the question is when and how much and recognizing the need for both in ourselves and in each other. It graphically illustrates function while bringing us quickly to the question — Are you free?”

In his speech, Paul emphasized personal responsibility, using the example of Jesus’ response to prostitution. “He didn’t call for more laws. But he was very direct and thought that stoning was not the solution to the problem of prostitution,” he told the crowd. “So do laws take care of these things, or do we need a better understanding of our Christian values and our moral principles?” In an interview withChristianity Today following his speech, Paul explained why he doesn’t think the government can create morality.