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2016 Oklahoma "Teacher Caucus" Highlights, Parties, Ideals and Education Goals

Editor’s Note:  OKGrassroots will be releasing a feature series on Education Policy and the recent Election Cycle in Oklahoma.   We will take time to explore ideological differences and how those are playing out in – not only the political realm – but the public square as well as we publish information we have collected on the ‘Teacher Caucus’.  Not everyone in politics tells the truth.  Not all sources are reliable.  Do your own homework.  Follow the money.  OKGrassroots hopes these articles will help people to connect the dots and make informed choices at the ballot box.  Decisions are still being made in run-offs around the state./sc 

Here is article #1:

2016 Oklahoma “Teacher Caucus” Highlights, Parties, Ideals and Education Goals.

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Fourth of July, 1776:  America’s Own Brexit

My son was gaming online with a number of what I call his “virtual friends” shortly after it was announced that Britons had voted to leave the European Union (EU).  Unbeknowst to my son, many of the players in his RP were British.  Upon learning of the outcome of the election, the gamers began to […]

Editorial: 'Tall Building'  Fascists

  In the effort to stop wholesale free fall into a socialist state, conservative groups are unwittingly ascribing to an equally dangerous fascist economic society. ‘Fascist’ is a loaded word. Populists have wrongly associated the word with Nazi thuggery and forced conformity, especially on social issues. But the term is actually a reference to an economic policy. Case In Point   For centuries, our land has had a capitalist free market healthcare system. It has resulted in the highes […]

 When a prairie twister rips through the Sooner state, there is a process of assessing the damage in the hours after the storm. The same is true when a statewide election is held. Four noted incumbents were rejected in their primary elections. All of them were Republicans, but not all of them were consistent in promoting conservatism.   Senator Corey Brooks represents a very conservative district to the SW of OKC m […]

Charlie Meadows' 2016 primary picks

Charlie’s Picks

by Charlie Meadows (former president of OCPAC)

It has become a tradition for me to publish my political tip sheet before important elections.  These are my opinions of who I believe ought to win, not necessarily who I believe will win.  This is a very important election cycle as we have the largest number of open seats since 2004, the first year term limits were fully implemented.

I will be a little more limited this year as I simply have not done the volume of research I have done in the past.  Some folks may have information to which I am not privy and therefore have a different opinion, which is just fine.  

Read more via Muskogee Politico Source Post

Tulsa Area Republican Assembly Endorsements for Republican Primary 2016

The Tulsa Area Republican Assembly has made endorsements for the 2016 Republican Primary. These include the following:

Luke Sherman for Tulsa County Sheriff

Nathan Dahm Senate District 33

Amanda Teegarden Senate District 39

Scott McEachin House District 67

Chuck Strohm House District 69

Josh Turley – Michael Willis – Don Newberry in Tulsa County races

Read more on these endorsements via Sooner Politics here >>>