By GW Shultz, reporter fro the Center for Investigative Reporting May 10, 2010 The autobiography of a former police officer in Minnesota discloses fresh details about the breadth of law enforcement spying on political protesters that took place leading up the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul. The book has received only scant attention […]

Updating. . . . 5/11/10 More Norman Oklahoma Tornado Footage Remarkable shot of the Norman tornado 5/10/10 Damage near Lake Thunderbird Choctaw Aftermath AP Reporting CBS NEWS FOOTAGE Footage Norman, OK May 10, 2010 Over the National Weather Center-This was my route home today.  Clouds were spinning all the way home. Funnel forming Norman shots […]

By ANDREW W. GRIFFIN Oklahoma Watchdog, editor May 10, 2010 OKLAHOMA CITY — Last year, at, a concerned citizen in Dallas, Texas wrote a piece saying he was being “raped” by the North Texas Toll Authority over charges he had allegedly accrued during his commute to and from work. It’s an alarming post. Wrote […]

New ‘Metamaterial’ Device May Lead to See-Through Cameras and Scanners Boston University Team Makes Strides in Detecting and Controlling Terahertz Radiation CLEO/QELS WASHINGTON (BUSINESS WIRE) Devices that can mimic Superman’s X-ray vision and see through clothing, walls or human flesh are the stuff of comic book fantasy, but a group of scientists at Boston University (BU) […]

The Rule of Law Radio Network AxXiom for Liberty May 7th, 2010 Show #6 The Cameras are Coming DOWN! Shawn Dow, Chairman of AZ Citizens AGAINST Photo Enforcement And Jeff Greenspan 2nd Vice Chair of the Maricopa GOP with analysis of SB 1070 also Chad Dornsife, Best Highways Safety Practices SHOW NOTES Fusion Center (spying) […]